Climate & Ecological Emergency

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council has overwhelmingly passed a declaration of Climate & Ecological Emergency, proposed by our area’s Green councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby in fulfilment of an election pledge.

As a first step towards BCP Council’s operations becoming net zero carbon by 2030, on 1st October all council buildings across our conurbation switched to being powered by 100% renewable electricity.

Councillor Chris Rigby said: “I'm really pleased to see BCP Council make this switch, as a first step to reducing the carbon emissions of the Council. “We have got what we think are really achievable targets to meet by 2030. We’ve got plans already in place where we can manage and quantify what we’re going to be doing each year, and we’re going to be monitoring this until we do hit net zero carbon. We want to take the local businesses and residents with us as well, until we can achieve complete carbon neutrality throughout Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.”

Councillor Simon Bull said: “Over 100 councils up and down the country have declared a climate emergency, and it is brilliant that BCP Council has joined that list and that we’re already seeing real action.”

BCP Council is consulting on ideas “to cut carbon, reduce energy, avoid pollution, minimise waste”: 

The local Green Party is holding a series of People’s Assemblies, open to all, to collaborate on what we as concerned citizens can contribute to local Climate & Ecological Emergency action.

Green Party candidates in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole say #NoJobsOnADeadPlanet.

Simon Bull, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate - Bournemouth West comments: "I was sceptical about Labour's plans for the #ClimateEmergency and, sadly, this shows that I was right to be. Labour is not a green party. Only the Green Party is taking mankind's precarious position seriously."

Alasdair Keddie - Green Party (Bournemouth East candidate) says: "This move makes it clear that Labour are unable to deliver on their climate promises. The fossil fuel industry still exerts far too much influence over the #Labour Party. When BP are amongst the compaines sponsoring their conference you have to wonder how many more of their climate commitments will be quietly dropped from the manifesto.

"The writing is on the wall for the oil and gas industry. The best way to protect jobs is to begin planning a just and fair transition for workers now, while there is still time. The big unions, especially the #GMB and Unite must commit to this.

"We must make this election about Climate Emergency and it is clear that only the Green Party of England and Wales are commited to make this happen.

"There is only one Green Party." #VoteGreen2019

Chris Rigby - Green Party candidate for Christchurch, comments: "This U-turn from Labour on their green commitments shows where their loyalty really lies, not to the planet, not to future generations, but to the unions and corporate sponsors of their events such as BP, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

Only the Green Party can truly deliver on environmental policies, and are the only party to vote for to tackle climate breakdown."

Barry Harding-Rathbone, Green candidate for Poole, says: "I can see no reason (a) to delay implementation of net zero carbon emissions nor (b) any risk to jobs from such action.

"Where it is possible some businesses will need to cut back as a result of the changes, the jobs market in the sustainable energy sector and associated fields will be growing exponentially."  November 2019 

In October, Alasdair Keddie, our Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth East, made a speech outside the Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy. He said "We must overturn the policy of Maximum Economic Recovery of Petroleum which legally binds the government to extract up to £40bn with of oil from the UK continental shelf". October 2019