Climate & Ecological Emergency

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council overwhelmingly passed a declaration of Climate & Ecological Emergency in July 2019, proposed by Green councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby in fulfilment of an election pledge.

Latest updates

An estimated 200 people attended the Global Day for Climate Justice event in Bournemouth on Saturday 6th November. BCP Green Councillor Simon Bull was one of those giving speeches in Bournemouth, with a BCP Green Party bloc represented at the march and rally. [More...] Nov 2021

BCP’s climate team is said to be expanding from two staff to eight. This follows press, social media and Council Chamber pressure from local Greens and other campaigners for faster local climate action.

Councillor Chris Rigby said: “We welcome this news as a great step in responding to the Climate & Ecological Emergency. We’ll be looking to see this pledge confirmed in the next budget.” 21 Sept 2021

Concerned local citizens came together at Horseshoe Common yesterday, to "protest BCP Council's failure to deliver on their declaration of a climate and ecological emergency" two years ago - proposed by Green Councillor Simon Bull who attended the march. 25 July 2021 [More...]

The Independent reports: "Representatives from the three gas giants, plus Chevron and Equinor, used a dinner with then-trade minister [and Bournemouth West MP] Conor Burns in February last year to argue the fossil fuel industry should be seen as a 'vital' part of the solution to climate change."

Simon Bull, Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth West in 2017 and 2019, commented: "It really is time for this government and its ministers to get behind genuine measures and actions that tackle the Climate Emergency. 15 July 2021 [More...]

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council is refusing to back a switch of taxpayer-underwritten investments away from fossil fuel assets in the Dorset Pension Fund. Their unwillingness to divest from "unburnable" fossil fuels is is a "reckless risk for local taxpayers", warn local Greens. 30 June 2021 [More...]

Simon Bull, Green Party Councillor for Winton East, says: "I joined Josh, staff from The Parks Foundation and residents to sow some wildflower seeds at Winton Recreation Ground. Seeded and racked in two hours. Some changes coming to the Rec, which will hopefully make it even better." 16 May 2021

Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd have submitted a planning application to BCP Council for an “Energy Recovery Facility” to be located at Chapel Lane, Hurn, Christchurch. 

Alasdair Keddie, Co-Chair of BCP Green Party, said: "Despite the glossy 'carbon friendly' PR, the Hurn Energy Recovery Facility is an incinerator project. The word 'incinerator is scrupulously avoided throughout the planning application and supporting information. Energy recovery from incinerating waste is not low carbon or climate friendly. It is essentially generating energy from dirty fossil fuel (plastic waste)." 18 Apr 2021 [More...]

Simon Bull, Green Party councillor for Winton East, accepted from Bournemouth & Poole Greenpeace volunteers a Christmas card which calls for BCP Council to make permanent all of the experimental Active Travel schemes. The card was handed over at a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in Winton. 23 Dec 2020 

There is no one in BCP Council's new Conservative Cabinet with the words "Climate Change" in their job title, following changes the new administration has made to some of the top roles.  For comments by Cllrs Simon Bull and Conservative councillors, see our News PageOctober 2020

Second no confidence motion in four months to jeopardise BCP Council’s progress on the Climate and Ecological crises. For our Councillors' reactions to this, see the full report on our News PageSeptember 2020

An end to the Poole Bay oil well? It's looking likely. Pandemic oil price plunge, a divesting partner and short time frames before licence expiry are making it increasingly likely that Corallian and co will not be coming back to our beautiful, biodiverse bay. 12 Aug 2020 [More...]

Cllr Chris Rigby asks BCP for update on Climate & Ecological Emergency action.  For their reply see our News PageJuly 2020

BCP’s Green councillors call for vibrant new Bournemouth festival to replace the Air Show in a time of climate emergency.  Further details and comments from Ciir Simon Bull are on our News Page.  May 2020

People's Assembly develops vision for Green Party to contribute to local Climate & Ecological Emergency action.  Members  and supporters of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Green Party came together in a People's Assembly to consider the question "Climate and Ecological Emergency: What can the Green Party contribute in our local communities?"  A report of the meeting and its findings can be seen on our News Page.  March 2020 

A fresh proposal to build a wind farm off the Dorset coast would be welcomed by Green Party Councillor Simon Bull, BCP Council’s planning committee chief.  The subject of building the source of renewable energy in the sea had gone quiet since the Navitus Bay project hit the buffers in 2015.  More details, including Bournemouth Echo coverage, on our News Page.  February 2020

The new BCP Council budget for 2020/21 has been comfortably voted through Full Council, with backing from the Unity Alliance and abstentions from the Conservatives. It contains £1.4m of new investment in BCP’s corporate priorities, including money for the Climate and Ecological Emergency.  More details on our News Page.  February 2020 

Chris Rigby delivered a talk to Dorset Humanists on the topic of "Heading for Extinction and What to Do About It", which was his own interpretation of a talk prepared by Extinction Rebellion. He shared the latest climate science on where our planet is heading, discussed some of the current psychology around climate change, and offered solutions through the study of social movements.  A video of his talk can be seen on our News Page.  January 2020.

Climate Reality presented 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action, a global conversation about the truth of the climate crisis and how we solve it. This event, led by local Climate Reality leader and activist, Mark Chivers, is designed for a broad audience; based on the science but accessible to everyone.  Full story on our News Page.  November 2019

Alasdair Keddie, our Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth East, made a speech outside the Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy. He said "We must overturn the policy of Maximum Economic Recovery of Petroleum which legally binds the government to extract up to £40bn with of oil from the UK continental shelf". October 2019

As a first step towards BCP Council’s operations becoming net zero carbon by 2030, all council buildings across our conurbation switched to being powered by 100% renewable electricity. 1st Oct 2019

Councillor Chris Rigby said: “I'm really pleased to see BCP Council make this switch, as a first step to reducing the carbon emissions of the Council. “We have got what we think are really achievable targets to meet by 2030. We’ve got plans already in place where we can manage and quantify what we’re going to be doing each year, and we’re going to be monitoring this until we do hit net zero carbon. We want to take the local businesses and residents with us as well, until we can achieve complete carbon neutrality throughout Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.”

Councillor Simon Bull said: “Over 100 councils up and down the country have declared a climate emergency, and it is brilliant that BCP Council has joined that list and that we’re already seeing real action.” 1st Oct 2019

BCP's Green councillors Chris Rigby and Simon Bull appeared on ITV regional news condemning Conservative-run Dorset Council's decision to wave through permission for further oil exploration at Wytch Farm in Purbeck, already western Europe's largest onshore oil field. 13 Sept 2019 [More...]

The local Green Party is holding a series of People’s Assemblies, open to all, to collaborate on what we as concerned citizens can contribute to local Climate & Ecological Emergency action. [More...]