Multiply the Greens in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole

Simon Bull and Chris Rigby at the declaration of their landslide winDo you remember how it felt when you heard about the Green Party's landslide double win in Winton East in the Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council election in May?

You might also have heard about the Greens overtaking Labour here in May - in Bournemouth we came second to the Conservatives in local election vote share, while across BCP in the Euro elections we polled more votes than Labour and Conservatives combined!

And BCP's Green councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby have already shown what a difference a Green councillor team makes, tipping the numbers to end Conservative rule of BCP Council and then successfully declaring Climate & Ecological Emergency at the very first meeting of the new council, with major actions already happening.

Team Green Winton - local election 2019There's a string of other wards in BCP where Greens are now in second place, and next time around the Green Party wants to target multiple wards in BCP to multiply our Green councillor team. It's now well proven locally that when we work our steps of making a difference in our communities and regular mass engagement with local residents, people here will back the Greens in large numbers to win council seats. And we've now got other excellent Green activists laying great groundwork in their own neighbourhoods towards that.

Of course, engaging systematically with thousands of residents does cost money. If you are a Green Party member, you may not know that only £3 per head of membership subscriptions per year find their way to your local party.

For each extra ward where we start delivering our community newsletters before we start knocking on doors, we need an extra regular budget of at least £46 per month.

Grow the Green PartyCan you help? We need new monthly donations now, to be able to grow the Greens in BCP.

  • Your donation of £3 a month will fund printing of over 1,500 Green Party community newsletters each year.
  • If you could spare £10 a month, this will pay for the whole print run of one newsletter per year to a ward, up to 5,000 addresses.
  • If you were in any position to give £46 per month, that would cover the entire base costs for a whole ward team on an ongoing basis.

If everyone gives just £3 per month, or whatever you can afford, Green activist teams in more BCP wards will be able to lay funded plans to compete strongly in future elections - including any forthcoming General Election - by making a difference in their communities and delivering positive local Green messages to thousands of local residents.

Thank you for all your support for the Green Party locally and nationally.

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["South East Dorset Green Party" is the previous name of Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Green Party - all donations go straight to BCPGP.]

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