BCPGP digital collaboration resources for local party members

There are three digital platforms used by members of Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Green Party (BCPGP) to interact and collaborate with each other:

  • Green Space (on national party intranet);
  • Slack (local instant messaging in themed 'channels'); and
  • Jitsi Meet (videoconferencing). 

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During this period of social distancing due to coronavirus, we'll be upping our focus on digital interaction and generally keeping our humans in contact with each other. 

Local 'Green Space' - online discussion forum within the national Green Party intranet

Members of the Green Party in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole now have access to a local online discussion forum and intranet inside the national party's 'Green Room' intranet.

  • It's the place for all the information we need to restrict to paid-up members:
    • Full joining instructions for Slack and Zoom (see below) are on Green Space.
    • You will find BCPGP and archived SEDGP constitutional documents, and minutes of member meetings, in the "Files" section of the local Green Space.
  • You can join other local Greens in virtual discussion on any topic, alongside participating (if you like) social network-style in any of a wide range of other 'Green Spaces' on the national party intranet. A notifications bar and optional email notifications make it easy for you to keep track of all discussions.

You will need to log in to Green Room. If you are not already registered on the national Green Party's intranet system, you will first need to follow the instructions there to create an account, using the same email address that is registered with the national party.

Access is strictly for paid-up Green Party of England & Wales members only.

[Access BCPGP's Green Space...]

  • Difficulties accessing the Green Room? Please contact the national Green Party IT support helpdesk using this webform
  • Current email address not registered with the Green Party of England & Wales? Submit an 'Edit My Details' webform.

Slack workspace

SlackFor local collaboration among active members, the local party is using the digital platform Slack, accessible in any Web browser or as an app (iOS/Android/Windows).

All members who wish to be active in local party activities are strongly encouraged to get yourselves onto our Slack workspace (where the most up-to-date discussion and information is likely to be available) and then to set up the Slack app on your smartphone.

Slack is organised by "channels", where you sign up for the channels relevant to you:

  • Everyone is on #general for general discussion - plus #random, a separate channel for off-topic chat
  • We have a channel for discussion and collaboration on each of the themes for local Climate & Ecological Emergency action identified in our most recent People's Assembly - or you can start an additional channel for an extra topic
  • Each town has its own channel (#bournemouth, #christchurch, #poole) and each active local area (eg #winton) - you can add your own
  • Each specialist working group has its own channel.

Not on our Slack yet? Email coordinator@bcp.greenparty.org.uk to request an invite.

Jitsi MeetJitsi Meet videoconferencing

We now use the Green Party of England & Wales's recommended videoconferencing platform Jitsi Meet.

Jitsi is free, open source, and non-account based; anyone can create a meeting room in seconds.

Jitsi meetings can be accessed (with or without a webcam) via PC, Android or iOS device - or participants can dial in instead on any telephone.

  • Simply designate a unique name for your meeting without spaces, anything at all that won't have been taken by someone else in the world (or alternatively, use the automatic name generator at https://meet.jit.si)
  • The meeting weblink will be https://meet.jit.si/meetingname 
  • If anyone might need to dial in on a telephone, the number for them to call is always 0121 468 3154. However, they also need to be provided with a PIN for your meeting room. To find your PIN, click on your meeting weblink in advance of the meeting (taking you into the video room). You should see a dark blue box towards the bottom right of your screen headed 'Share'. In this box is the meeting PIN to share with telephone participants.