Popular Support for Green Policies - Guardian letter

12 May 2013

Local members were delighted to see a letter from Caroline Lucas published in the Guardian on Saturday.  For the full details, visit their website http://www.guardian.co.uk/tone/letters.

She states that although Ukip did well in the local elections, they still have no MPs and only six more councillors than the Greens, but David Cameron has responded by bringing up the topic of immigration, rather than unemployment, rising living costs, savage welfare cuts, and climate change.

She goes on to say "We Greens know there is huge support for our policies, whether on climate change and the environment, or social justice and public services. Out of 332,237 people surveyed in the Vote for Policies survey before the last election ... over 24% – more than any other party – chose Green policies. The last time people had a chance to vote in elections under proportional representation – the Euro elections of 2009 – the Greens won over a million votes, demonstrating again the growing support for action on the Green agenda. 

"As I highlighted in the amendment I put down to the Queen's speech this week, even the World Bank is now telling us that without urgent and radical cuts in emissions, global temperatures will rise by 4C or more by the end of the century, resulting in "devastating" environmental impacts for all of us. The case for political action has never been clearer."

South East Dorset members agree with her that the media is failing to give serious attention to the growing relevance and success of the Green Party.

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