Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, Visits Bournemouth

31 May 2013

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, is visiting Bournemouth on the 5th June.  

 Natalie  joined the party as a New Year's Resolution in 2006. She says,  "I looked at the state of the world.... and I thought this is getting frighteningly bad.  I should do something.  So more or less on a whim I joined the Green Party."

She was born in Sydney, Australia  and after studying agricultural sciences she became a journalist before taking to politics.  She's the only political leader in the country with a scientific background and probably the only British political leader who can shear a sheep.  She talks of perhaps standing in Holborn and St Pancras at the next general election herself  and looks forward to the party running a good campaign.

 She has travelled a lot in her first  six months, covering regional meetings.  She mentions some of her party's issues as jobs you can build a life on,  a living wage,  renationalising the railways,  zero tuition fees and protecting the NHS.

 Natalie will be  part of the discussion panel for the TUC Living Wage Campaign at Bournemouth University 6.30-8pm  Wednesday June 5th,  on the Talbot Campus with Kevin Maloney running the event. The title of the debate is, "A living wage-what it is and what it does."   This is part of Bournemouth University's Festival of Learning Programme  3rd-14th June.   

 Natalie will be meeting  local environmental activists including Green Party members to examine current plans for the proposed off-shore wind farm with Navitus, the developers.  In the afternoon Natalie will meet the Green student group and media students. 

Information from Green Party website and Conversation of  Natalie Bennett with Charlie Cooper reported in the Independent newspaper  25.5.13

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