Decarbonising Energy Supplies

12 June 2013

Decarbonising Energy Supplies
On 4th June 2013 MPs voted on the decarbonisation amendment for the third reading of the Energy Bill.  Annette Brooke supported the amendment whilst other local MPs did not.
Green Party Chairman Mark Chivers said,  " Thanks are due to Annette Brooke who rebelled against her party's anachronistic decision effectively not to support our green industries, many of whom may now decide to look elsewhere for support.
"At a time when the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills is telling us low-carbon investment represents a 6% growth area and people around the world are responding to the changing climate, it is regrettable that not all of our politicians are calling for  clean growth.  The Treasury sadly seems bent on a dirty dash for  gas  rather than support long-term greener options with many job prospects, called for by companies and unions.
"Luckily  the vote was very close and the House of Lords may yet overrule the Government later this year.
"The Green Party is also pleased to see that China and the US have been in discussion about climate concerns and  are keen to work with other countries to reduce the fastest growing source of emissions, the  hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in air conditioners and refrigerators."

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