Why are our MEP’s voting against protecting the region from floods?

28 February 2014

As floods continue to inflict damage and disruption across the region, South West MEPs are being accused by Greens of voting against important measures to prevent and tackle flooding proposed in the EU in 2012. 

When South West MEPs had an opportunity to back up EU law by supporting a resolution identifying important measures to prevent and tackle flooding in 2012, not a single South West MEP voted in favour; the region's two UKIP MEPs did not even bother to vote.

Molly Scott Cato, leading South West Green Party candidate for the European Elections said “We should have been ready for this winter's floods, with predictions and plans in place that would have helped us all stay safe.  The suggestions were all there in European Union directives going back to 2007.  The 2012 Resolution gave MEPs an opportunity to acknowledge that climate change demands new water management measures.

“Our EU representatives have failed to support thinking that could have made us more resilient in the face of changing weather patterns and increased risk of extreme weather events.  It's time for the EU and UK to build climate resilience into all areas of government, to protect us from flooding and other risks associated with climate change.”


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