Council Pushes ahead with unpopular Wessex Fields scheme

17 February 2019

assets/images/local_parties/southeastdorset/news-graphics/Wessex_Fields_photo.jpgBournemouth Council’s Wessex Fields scheme to build a new road through the green belt in the area around the A338 and Royal Bournemouth Hospital continues despite environmental concerns and local opposition.

Green Councillor Simon Bull voted against permitting the development at planning panel, while the other members of the panel voted in favour or abstained. Simon is Bournemouth’s only party councillor who isn't a Conservative (Labour and the Liberal
Democrats have no seats on the Council), and the only one free to represent the interests and views of people who live in the area.

Chris Rigby said: “The decision to approve the Wessex Fields development has been pushed through without consideration for the local environment. With no green travel plan, and potential loss of veteran trees the already high level of air pollution in the area will only be exacerbated. On top of this the increased noise pollution during development and after completion will be detrimental to local residents.”


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