Report those potholes, say Green Councillors

3 March 2020

Chris Rigby, Green Party Councillor for Winton East, says: "It's well and truly pothole season. The council will fix them, they just need to know where they are.

"Here's one I reported just over a week ago on Stanfield Road:

Pothole reported by Cllr Chris Rigby on Stanfield Road Pothole fixed, just over a week after being reported 

"If you know of a pothole on your road go to and report the issue.

"If nothing happens within a couple of weeks let me know. If something does happen let me know too. I like good news."

Councillor Simon Bull adds: "I've reported potholes on Acland, Ripon, Charminster and Wimborne Roads. You can report them too."

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