BCP Council to offer half-term food parcels, after community campaign championed by Chris Rigby

24 October 2020

  • BCP Council will step in to provide food parcels for families in need this half-term
  • Green Councillor Chris Rigby: "Couldn't be more pleased to share the news... Not that the council should have to do this"
  • BCP's Unity Alliance: "Thanks to Chris Rigby for leading the campaign and all who have supported"

BCP Council has announced it will be providing food parcels for families struggling to access food this half term. This follows the local community rallying round Green Councillor Chris Rigby's demand for compassionate local action (as first role-modelled by Liverpool Council), sent to the Conservative BCP Council leader and their young people's chief.

A BCP Council statement said: "If you usually access free school meals, please call us for help" and said it will "stand up" its Together We Can helpline when it reopens at 9am on Monday morning.



Chris Rigby added to his comments: "...Not that the council should have to do this, but I'm stoked it is."

A statement by a spokesperson for BCP's Unity Alliance of opposition councillors said: "I am relieved to confirm that [food parcels are being offered] following the pressure the public and opposition councillors have put on the Council.

Cllr Chris Rigby, photo credit: Jayne Jackson Photography"Thanks to Chris Rigby for leading the campaign and all who have supported. However we will continue to press for the Council to call on the government to sustain support through the Christmas and spring term, as we believe it should be their responsibility for all children to receive this regardless of the council they live in.

"We hope that if this is not forthcoming that the Council will act in advance of the next set of holidays so that families do not need to worry.

"Thanks to the team for making this happen and another great use of Together We Can which we [the former Unity Alliance administration] set up in March."

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