Boscombe Town Centre transformation plan: Have your say

1 September 2020

The Bournemouth Town Funds Strategic Board, led by BCP Council, is currently consulting on a transformational plan for Boscombe Town Centre.

Response deadline: 14th September

Major points of the plan include:

  • Demolishing the Sovereign Centre, retaining only the car park
  • Replacing the Sovereign Centre and Centenary Way with a wide new traditional street, "Haviland Road West", with two-way traffic, cycling, and retail shops
  • (Wilko and Lidl to be provided with new premises)
  • Creating a new pedestrianised Town Square off the existing pedestrian precinct, retaining the market
  • Providing a community/village hall, in some garden space
  • Providing a walkway through from the Town Square to Hawkwood Road (by demolishing two retail properties), giving more movement between north and south
  • Building new homes and flats over the Hawkwood Road car park (retaining 60-70 parking spaces, around half the current total) and on the west side of Gladstone Road
  • Building >500 new homes in total, including 40 houses/duplexes with gardens
  • 50% of new homes to contain 3 bedrooms
  • Investment in the Royal Arcade to become a business and enterprise hub
  • Provision of new premises for the surf school
  • Seeking funding for Eastcliff Lift

Video presentation

Here's an edited 8-minute version of the presentation to the Boscombe Forum webinar on 26th August, by lead BCP Council officer Martha Covell:

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