Charminster Road: New crossing needed for our schoolchildren, says Kate Salmon

17 October 2021

Kate Salmon is calling for a new school-safe crossing on busy Charminster Road

Kate Salmon, local parent and Green Party speaker for Moordown, has started a campaign for a new pedestrian crossing on Charminster Road, in the area north of the Moordown-catchment schools and children’s centre on East Way and Malvern Road.

Kate explains: “There is no safe place to cross for quite a long stretch, from south of East Way north to Castle Lane.

It concerns me - many children walk to school that way. They have to take a chance crossing the busy main road.

"I think it’s a large part of why so many parents seem to drive their children to school round here.

“I’ve written to BCP Council asking what can be done on providing a new crossing.”

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