Cllr Simon Bull accepts Christmas card from Greenpeace volunteers with Active Travel wish

23 December 2020

Simon Bull, Green Party Councillor for Winton East, has accepted from Bournemouth & Poole Greenpeace volunteers a Christmas card which calls for BCP Council to make permanent all of the experimental Active Travel schemes. The card was handed over at a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in Winton.

In the video clip above, Simon said: "I'm very keen to encourage these openings of roads to alternative traffic, to alternative modes of transport. But I really want to hear from you, I really urge you to take part in the consultation that is going on at the moment, to say what you think. It's not for me to impose what I like, or the Council to impose what they like on you, it's for everyone to have their say.

"Do you appreciate the reduced pollution, less traffic noise, or not? Is this something you'd like to see more of? Is there an area in your ward where you live, that you would like to see experiment, trial an LTN, and see if it works? The idea is that they're trialled, and people have their say on them - not that they're imposed, and just left there because somebody thinks they'll be good, but because you have your say, and you can say what you think.

"I am supportive of them, I think they reduce rat-running of traffic between residential areas, and encourage people to stick to the main roads during their journeys, rather than shave off a few seconds here and there, putting other people's lives at risk potentially, and lowering the air quality on residential streets." 

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