Cllr Simon Bull on the case of open drug crime in Winton

13 September 2021

Winton East Green Councillor Simon Bull's recent activities have included face-to-face resident liaison seeking to get a handle on increasing neighbourhood drugs issues, also observed in other Bournemouth neighbourhoods including Charminster.

Simon said: "So I've just popped down to Winton Rec, to meet with a resident to have a chat about some issues, including the amount of drugs we're currently seeing in Winton and the dealing that's going on, which I will be passing on to the Police. The more information we can give them about what's going on the better. And hopefully it'll help them to take action."

He added: "While I was down here I managed to get a bag of litter with my trusty litter picker.

"It's always good to see the cafe and what's going on there. Lots of different activities, lots of things for people to join in and take part in. So why don't you have a look? And they also do a range of food there, including vegan and vegetarian, so I heartily recommend popping down."

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