12 March 2024

Green campaign against closure succeeds: Moordown Plus Day Centre saved

Green councillors Kate and Joe Salmon outside Moordown Plus day centre, now saved from closure

Following a grassroots campaign supported and led by Moordown Green ward councillors, Joe and Kate Salmon, BCP Council has abandoned its plan to close the much-loved Moordown Plus day centre. The centre provides a “gold standard” daytime facility for older people living with dementia, and is a lifeline for both service users and their carers. 

Kate Salmon said: “I am so, so pleased that Moordown Plus is staying open. This is a huge relief for local families who depend on the day centre to support them and their loved ones, and a real victory for our community. Closing it down would have been ludicrous given the £1 million refurbishment that took place in 2018. It’s a superb facility offering an excellent service for local residents.”

Joe Salmon questioned the evidence base for the proposal at the council meeting when the plans were first made public, while Kate reached out to decision makers and put the case for the centre to remain open. Kate organised a petition of more than 350 signatures from service users and residents, which was delivered to the portfolio holder for Health & Wellbeing.

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