Green Party followers in Bournemouth and beyond report great support for #ClapForOurCarers

10 April 2020

Followers of the Bournemouth Green Party Facebook page have reported great support where they are for the third week of the weekly Thursday evening #ClapForOurCarers initiative.

Kim wrote: "Fireworks going off somewhere near Talbot Heights... all our road came out... so thankful for our NHS and all carers and support workers."

Joy commented: "Very loud over here, pans being banged and horns beeping along with a lot of clapping"

Justine wote: "Moordown , my area was well attended...fantastic "

Nicky commented: "Edgehill Rd were out in full force"

Shaun wrote: "Coy Pond end of the gardens was so loud "

John commented: "Winton/Moordown......loud and proud!"

Chris S wrote: "Had some car horns and wheelie bins going tonight "

Twiggy wrote: "Loud and proud!"

Helen wrote: "Loud in our road here in Moordown - kids banging pots and pans and a lot of cheering. Good community spirit."

Chris H wrote: "Louder than ever here in Boscombe, with pots, pans, horns and fireworks "

Quentin wrote: "Loud in Boscombe / Pokesdown"

Ken commented: "Good and strong."

Patricia wrote: "We might be a small community but we can clap loudly for all our frontline staff in the NHS" 

There were also reports of great support in Poole and Christchurch:

  • Jennifer wrote: "It was so loud here in Alderney, Poole! Lots of fireworks and car horns and pots and pans alongside the claps xx"
  • Melissa commented: "Vuvuzelas and whistles here in Christchurch! "

#ClapForOurCarers continues each Thursday evening at 8.00pm. 

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