Mallard Road Park: Kate Salmon gets playground danger and graffiti sorted

30 November 2021

The slide and landing area at Mallard Road Park, BEFORE local Greens acted The slide and landing area at Mallard Road Park, AFTER local Greens acted

BCP Council have now repaired a hole in the soft landing floor at Mallard Road Park playground, which was dangerous to slide users. They have also removed the worst of the graffiti, some of it obscene. Local parent Kate Salmon had complained to BCP Council over the state of the aged playground.

The park is by Bishop of Winchester Academy, on a through route also very close to Queen’s Park Children’s Centre, Queen’s Park Academy (junior and infants), and the grammar schools. The park also serves residents who live in flats without gardens on the adjacent social housing estate.

Kate Salmon, Green Party speaker for Moordown, commented: “Thank you to Parks staff for completing a basic repair [see above right] when they could. It’s a shame the slide had to be boarded up for weeks in the meantime – they’re so cash-strapped after 11 years of Government austerity.”

Green Party speaker for Queen's Park & Charminster, Alasdair Keddie added: "In this austerity climate, BCP confirm there's no prospect of the proper renewal of this aged playground that our local children deserve."

Unrepaired arson at Moordown Rec:  Kate Salmon is asking the Council what’s to be doneNow Kate Salmon is seeking answers following heartbreaking arson of a brand new ‘spinning basket’ [right] at Moordown Recreation Ground, in the Spring. No repair or replacement has yet happened.

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