New community petition to save BCP's Unity Alliance administration

24 September 2020

BCP Town HallThe Conservative takeover of BCP Council is not yet a done deal. While Vikki Slade has been removed as Council Leader by a motion of no-confidence, the remainder of the Unity Alliance (UA) Cabinet and committee chairs remain in post, with an acting Leader from the UA. There will be a vote for a new Leader of the Council at a special meeting on 1st November. If the Conservative nominee is successful they will then appoint a Conservative administration, but if Vikki Slade is re-elected the UA administration will continue.

Unity Alliance councillorsYou can sign a new community petition on urging councillors to vote for Vikki Slade and support the UA:

"We the undersigned state that we support the Bournemouth Christchurch and  Poole Unity Alliance.

"We believe they have taken on the challenge of the Administration of a newly merged council, under a new political alliance very successfully. We believe that during the 15 months in control of the council, 6 of which have been a time of global and economic health crisis, the Unity Alliance has managed a unique set of circumstances, with an already depleted budget from Central Government, in a measured, caring, and effective way.

"With the latest rise in COVID-19 cases, we believe the Officers and staff of the Council and BCP community do not need a change of Administration at this time (and some have stated this).

"We believe the Unity Alliance to be a more democratic representation of the BCP community. The Conservatives, with only 28% of the electorate's vote, do not represent a true reflection of the community's wishes. The criticisms of the Unity Alliance have been inaccurate and disproportionate, especially regarding the transparency of the Unity Alliance, which has been the most open and transparent administration this area has known.

"We ask Council Members to vote for the right leader to ensure the protection of the Unity Alliance Administration, to give a balance of cross party political power that truly engages with the BCP community and listens to its needs and wishes."

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You can also email your ward councillors urging them to vote for Vikki Slade in the leadership election.

Green Councillor Simon Bull has commented: "If [there is a change of administration] I fear for what remaining youth provision there is, I fear for the future of Christchurch and of Poole as distinct towns with their rich heritage, I fear for the building in the future of any social housing in BCP, I fear for services such as public toilets, I fear for this council’s contribution to addressing the climate and ecological emergency.

“The final decision (the outcome of a vote for a new council leader) on 1st October rests on a handful of independent councillors. Councillors who won their seats because their residents did not want a Conservative council. I hope they think on this.”

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