New equipment on the way to Winton's Pine Road Park and Recreation Ground

29 September 2020

New equipment is on the way to Pine Road Park in Winton, and to Winton Recreation Ground.

Councillor Simon Bull explains: "We're having some new equipment installed here, under the Community Infrastructure Levy that's paid whenever people put new buildings up, making a contribution into the community. We've just signed off on a scheme at Pine Road Park to put in three new pieces of equipment, replacing some equipment that's already gone and some that's still here but looking a bit shabby and reaching the end of its life.

"It's good news. It's not a full makeover that I would like, but of course the funds don't allow that. But a few more pieces of equipment to improve this park, Pine Road Park, that's been crying out for it."

There is also some new investment going into Winton Rec, to replace a piece of equipment over there and install some bike stands, near to the cafe over there. 

Simon comments: "Along with the pond that should be going in at the Rec, it's really improving over there. It's a tremendous park, as is Pine Road Park, and the more we can do to get them used, especially at the moment when people are stuck indoors - you can get the children out, get a bit of exercise, it all helps with physical and mental health.

"By the way, as I mentioned the cafe at Winton Rec - if you haven't tried it yet, go over there and try their paninis - very recommended!"

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