'Not the way a transparent and open government should act': Simon Bull on Conor Burns' dinners with fossil fuel companies

15 July 2021

Climate & Ecological Emergency

The Independent reports: "Representatives from the three gas giants, plus Chevron and Equinor, used a dinner with then-trade minister [and Bournemouth West MP] Conor Burns in February last year to argue the fossil fuel industry should be seen as a 'vital' part of the solution to climate change."

Simon Bull, Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth West in 2017 and 2019, commented: "It really is time for this government and its ministers to get behind genuine measures and actions that tackle the Climate Emergency.

"Making deals and agreements over expensive dinners is not the way a transparent and open government should act. We need real action and to move rapidly away from fossil fuels including gas." 

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