"Very disappointing and sad": Simon Bull comments on recent behaviour at BCP's beaches

6 June 2020

Councillor Simon BullResponding to mounting public concern about excessive crowding and irresponsible behaviour on the beaches of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, Green Councillor Simon Bull has written: "It was very disappointing to see pictures of the state of our beaches last weekend. Visitors to our towns should heed the message - don't come here at this time. I hope that this weekend we see less people coming here, less rubbish on our beaches, more respect for each other. It is sad that people don't think twice about leaving their debris on the beach and expect others to clear up after them with total disregard to wildlife in the sea and elsewhere.

Bournemouth Beach crowded recently"BCP Council has been criticized for opening the car parks. However if they had remained closed it would not have stopped people coming, it would have caused higher levels of inconsiderate parking and further inconvenience to residents, local services and emergency services."

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