Wind Power is still effective

17 December 2013

Soo Chapman’s letter was published in the Bournemouth Echo on Saturday 14th December. Soo is a member of South East Dorset Green Party, and her letter reads as follows:

Puzzling comments have recently been made by Doug Mills (December 7) and Geoff Cooper (December 10) as it isn't hard to find evidence of the effectiveness of wind technology.  On November 3rd this year wind power production in Denmark exceeded the level of power consumption and the excess was exported to Germany as has happened before.

Soon after, a good crowd of us at the new Vestas Research and Development site on the Isle of Wight heard an inspiring speech on how well wind works by a young man passionate about the technology. At the same meeting we saw yet another scary presentation about climate change.

Also in November the International Energy Agency advised us all that we are heading for the dangerous world of six degrees and how we can avoid it. A good legacy for Nelson Mandela's inspiring drive against poverty and inequality would be rainbow nations helping each other to a clean energy future.

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