Work underway to finish reopening of Winton Library Gardens, after Green councillors' campaign

7 March 2022

Community DIY to finish reopening Winton Library Gardens

Work is underway to reopen the rear area of Winton Library Gardens - reimagined as a community garden.

The front section was reopened by the Council two years ago, after much campaigning by hard-working local Green Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby. They promised to continue working until reopening was completed.

The gardens had been entirely closed for a couple of years, after repeated anti-social behaviour issues in the sunken back section not visible to passers-by. With BCP Council cash-strapped after 11 years of Government cuts to councils, it had been unable to find funds to pay staff or contractors to raise the level of the back section.

Following Simon and Chris’s campaign, restoration has been taken on by BH9 Business Community and their volunteers, led superbly by John, reimagining the space as “an oasis for the whole community to enjoy”.

Councillor Simon Bull said: “It’s great to see this community space, that has been unused for too long, being given some attention. It's great to see this supported by a good number of volunteers and to see how much better the Library Gardens look already."

Councillor Chris Rigby said: "This wouldn't have been possible without BH9 Business Community and their shared belief that this green space is vital to transforming Winton for the better. If the volunteer session I attended this Saturday is anything to go by, then this project isn't going to take long to start looking beautiful."

DIY volunteer sessions are taking place every Saturday from 10am-1pm. Please bring any gardening tools you have, and come make a difference! 

Latest updates: BH9 Business Community Facebook page

Simon Bull volunteering at Winton Library Gardens Chris Rigby volunteering at Winton Library Gardens

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