11 months to fix arson at Moordown Rec - Council won't say why

15 July 2022

• Kate Salmon questions Council parks chief, after heartbreaking arson finally fixed
• Conservative boss gives evasive non-answer... but Kate takes matter further
• Green councillor hears: There are playground insurance problems across conurbation

Arson of brand new equipment at Moordown Rec

New spinning basket at Moordown Rec - finally!

Hard-working local campaigner Kate Salmon submitted a public question to BCP’s Conservative parks chief: “Please explain why it’s taken almost a year to replace the brand new piece of play equipment at Moordown Rec, that was vandalised a matter of weeks after it was installed.”

The curt reply Kate was given in a Council meeting didn’t explain anything:

Kate, a former council worker, has taken the matter further. She has taken up her citizen’s right to ask for BCP Council’s recorded information about this repair and insurance cover for the playground. Kate says: “I’ll let Moordown residents know any meaningful information I uncover.”

Green Councillor Chris Rigby sits on a councillor panel which recently held a hearing on playground upkeep across BCP. He heard that the Council’s set of playground insurance policies are messy and uneven. Some types of repair can be claimed on insurance at only certain BCP playgrounds.

Councillors also doubted if playground maintenance budgets are adequate. Council finances are devastated after 12 years of Conservative cuts.

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