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22 March 2013

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West Howe, as part of Go Green Bournemouth,  wants to to strengthen the community against the effects of climate change.  Residents, local businesses, housing providers and community organisations want to share resources and energy generation, to make behaviour and buildings more efficient.  This will also save carbon emissions and help protect against the threat of peak oil.
The Low Carbon Community Challenge will help by providing capital funding to dramatically launch their programme of change and capture the imagination of other communities in Bournemouth.
 The South East Dorset Green Party's Equality and Diversity Coordinator Ryan Cleminson says,  "I believe the scheme is a great idea as it is the Party Promise to protect low-income householders from the worst effects of higher fuel prices.  Better insulated properties will use less heat. Therefore this scheme,  if done properly, will remove or fight off potential fuel poverty in the area." 
Susan Chapman  South East Dorset Green Party  Press Officer  -  01202 416729

Quoting from Ryan Cleminson,  South East Dorset's Equality and Diversity Coordinator -  07920 706485

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