Parking Enforcement: Bournemouth Council is letting down Winton

21 February 2019


Parking sign in WintonGreen Councillor Simon Bull has been receiving complaints from local residents in Winton about parking enforcement. Residents report that monitoring and enforcement isn't happening of double yellow lines, or areas with limited parking time allowed.

Simon says: "Cars are parking on double yellow lines, cars are staying in parking bays far longer than the prescibed time. This is causing issues for other people. It's causing trouble for refuse trucks in the mornings, it's making junctions very hard to see round so it's dangerous for cars coming out, and also when people want to park and do their shopping in Winton, they're finding themselves unable to do so, because the bay's full of cars being left there for hours on end."

Simon has written to Bournemouth Council's traffic department, asking for explanations and seeking improvements. Simon wants to know: "Is this a lack of resources? Is this due to austerity that we haven't got the manpower needed? Or is it just lack of planning?"

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