Winton Library Gardens set to reopen this week

17 February 2020

Simon Bull and Chris Rigby outside the locked Winton Library Gardens in 2018 

The reopening of Winton Library Gardens is set to take place before the end of this week.

Winton East’s Green Party Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby have been campaigning for public access to the gardens, and those efforts are now being rewarded. Residents and visitors will have access to the street-level part of the gardens with plans to raise the level of the back section in the future.

Councillor Bull said: ‘We have been working for our residents to make this happen and I am very pleased to see the Library gardens coming back into use after such a long closure, I encourage people to make appropriate use of them.’ 

Councillor Rigby added: "We're delighted to be able to reopen this green space to once again be enjoyed by all, after many years of access being restricted."

A fence will be installed along the back of the upper part of the gardens in the next week or so. This will prevent access to the lower section of the gardens until further work is carried out to fill in the sunken area.

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