Conservatives oust Unity Alliance Leader of BCP Council

16 September 2020

After an almost five hour long BCP Council meeting on Tuesday 15th September, the Conservative councillors won a Vote of No Confidence in Vikki Slade, the leader of the Unity Alliance, a group of Councillors comprising Liberal Democrats, Christchurch Independents, Poole People, Labour, other Independents, Green and Alliance for Local Living councillors.

Cllr Chris Rigby spoke during the debate to say that the Conservatives had a negative approach in criticising the policies of the Unity Alliance without suggesting any alternatives, and challenged them to “dazzle” him with their new and innovative ideas.

He went on to say: “This isn't the end of the Unity Alliance - we've a vision and a desire to develop BCP into a place that everyone is proud to call home, and that people want to visit for all the right reasons.”

“Thank you for all the emails and messages of support for what we've achieved so far. A leadership election will be on 1st October and who knows this might just be a couple of weeks for us to take a breath and reflect.”

Cllr Simon Bull commented that, following the sad deaths of two councillors, at a time when we need to retain stability, this vote of No Confidence is disappointing. He said “Councillor Slade and the cabinet have done an outstanding job for the area in very difficult times.

“The success of this motion is now likely to lead to a change in administration. If that happens I fear for what remaining youth provision there is, I fear for the future of Christchurch and of Poole as distinct towns with their rich heritage, I fear for the building in the future of any social housing in BCP, I fear for services such as public toilets, I fear for this council’s contribution to addressing the climate and ecological emergency.

“The final decision (the outcome of a vote for a new council leader) on 1st October rests on a handful of independent councillors. Councillors who won their seats because their residents did not want a conservative council. I hope they think on this.”

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