CCTV now installed at problem Charminster alleyways following campaign by Alasdair Keddie

28 November 2020

After weeks of campaigning by local resident Alasdair Keddie, a CCTV camera has been installed by the Wessex Way footbridge at the bottom of Shelbourne and Capstone Roads in Charminster, with signage on the approaches. It will be actively monitored 24/7.

This area has been a hotspot for drug crime, antisocial behaviour and flytipping, making life for residents miserable.

Alasdair says: "It has got to the point where drug dealers openly deal, and addicts are consuming crack and heroin in the alleyways that offshoot from the bridge - thoroughfares that children use on their way to and from school, that lead to one of our local green spaces. My wife no longer wants to take our little girls to the play park, for example - because she may have to walk through people consuming Class A drugs."

Alasdair added: "After meeting with the BCP Council CCTV manager and having a walk through the area, we identified a location that would cover the the footbridge and the alleyways to the north and south.

"I have delivered a letter to residents nearby with information and contact details for the council CCTV department. If anyone has any questions about it, I can try and answer them.

"I'm hopeful that this will help to deter some of the problems we've been experiencing locally and help to make our neighbourhood a safer place."

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