Felling of diseased trees in Winton: Simon Bull pushes for proper replacements

3 December 2021

Condemned cherry tree in Fitzharris Avenue, Winton  

Pictured (above) is a fabulous cherry tree on Fitzharris Avenue in Winton. Unfortunately you can see the orange circle drawn around it, which means it's destined to be removed. Further down the tree is evidence of fungal decay, which means it's likely to be unsafe. 

At the other end of the road is a stump, and a totally empty tree pit (both pictured below), where trees have been cut down. 

Tree stump at other end of Fitzharris Avenue  Empty tree pit in Fitzharris Avenue, Winton

Councillor Simon Bull said: "Elsewhere in Winton there are also other tree stumps and empty pits. I've also seen places where you'd never know there'd once been a beautiful tree because pavements staff have tarmaced the pits over as a trip hazard - meaning it'd be more expensive and complicated to reinstate a tree. It's a shame.

"I've had a number of discussions with residents in Fitzharris Avenue, who are very concerned about losing this tree and in particular ensuring there is a suitable replacement, keeping the heritage of the neighbourhood as the residents wish it to be.

"And I've liaised extensively with the council officers for trees. Of course, those staff love trees! They reassure me that they will be planting a new specimen in this space, and also looking at other spaces in the avenue where trees have previously been removed.

"I've asked for replacement cherry trees to be a variety such as prunus pandora, with slightly deeper roots that are safer for pavements."

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