Kate Salmon takes action after 320 Moordown households complete local survey

19 March 2023

Hard-working Moordown campaigner Kate Salmon says: "I'd like to say a really big thank you to the 320 households in Moordown who completed our resident survey over the last year.

"You've raised a lot of important issues, and let me know what matters most to you in our local community.

"I've been able to take action on a number of things, reporting incidents of fly-tipping and potholes, and helping people to access vital Council services."

Kate has reported fly-tipping in Ripon Road, Hillcrest Close and at the former pub car park on Wimborne Road.

Fly-tipping in Moordown, reported by Kare Salmon

Kate has reported potholes on Malvern Road, Gresham Road, Castle Road and Wimborne Road.

Potholes in Moordown, reported by Kate Salmon

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