Ophir Road Abortion Clinic buffer zone proposal: Consultation open till 31st August

24 August 2022

Ophir Road Abortion Clinicpublic consultation is open until 31st August on the proposed creation of a buffer zone to end harassment at Ophir Road Abortion Clinic in Bournemouth.

Sister Supporter Bournemouth, who gathered 4,000+ petition signatures in favour of a buffer zone, have published a briefing on the consultation, as a webpagea YouTube videoa Facebook postan Instagram video or a tweet.

The consultation link is: haveyoursay.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/ophir-road-pspo

Kate SalmonKate Salmon, Green Party speaker for Moordown, commented: "Anti-abortion protesters are absolutely entitled to their freedom of speech, to communicate their opinions. However their impact on vulnerable people matters, and protesters should direct their views constructively at lawmakers.

It’s not appropriate to intimidate women attending an abortion clinic. They’re at a particularly vulnerable time, going through something which is never a straightforward and easy thing.

Local Greens support the call for a buffer zone, preventing protesters from standing in the vicinity of the clinic."

If you agree, please consider submitting a consultation response by 31st August.

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