Sara Armstrong becomes sixth BCP Green councillor with resounding win in East Cliff & Springbourne by-election

30 June 2023

Sara Armstrong celebrates her by-election win outside BCP Civic Centre

Sara Armstrong became the sixth BCP Green councillor today, and East Cliff & Springbourne's first, with a resounding win in the BCP Council by-election. Sara's majority was 203 votes over the Conservative candidate, with Labour dropping to third place. 

Full result of East Cliff & Springbourne by-election

The four wards with Green councillors (six out of 36 Bournemouth seats, within the 76-seat BCP Council) adjoin, all the way from Moordown in the north, down to the coast at East Cliff.

Sara wrote after today's result: "My heartfelt thanks to go to my amazing Green Team, friends and neighbours across the ward of East Cliff & Springbourne.

"You've supported and inspired me, held the faith, held me at times and in spite of the challenges we've faced to get here, you've stayed strong to an unswerving commitment for our community to be the best it can be.

"Together we've led a campaign that has inspired people across our neighbourhood to dare to hope that we can make a difference. 

"We have made connections across our communities. The numbers only tell one side of the story of this journey, but they're pretty phenomenal. East Cliff & Springbourne spoke!

"This morning I was declared elected as Councillor for East Cliff & Springbourne. I took the 'declaration of office' to duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of it to the best of my judgement and ability.

"I'm the second Councillor Armstrong in my family. Its the honour of my life to be able to serve my community of East Cliff & Springbourne and be your community voice.

"'I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live.' - George Bernard Shaw

"Commiserations to my colleagues who also fought this fight. I hope we can find ways to work together going forward.

"I am still pinching myself.

"Give me the next few days to reset and process. I'll be right with you."

Councillor Chris Rigby, BCP Greens Group Leader and BCP Green Party Chair, commented: "The Green Group on BCP Council is now up to 6, after this massive win for Sara Armstrong and East Cliff & Springbourne Greens.

"Sara ran an absolutely fantastic campaign, and no one deserves this result more than her. If she works half as hard (she won't - she'll work just as hard) as a councillor she's going to be an absolute force of nature!"

Sara's team at the by-election count celebrate their victory


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