Simon Bull gets council Fairtrade commitment restored across BCP

3 October 2022

BCP Council has unanimously passed a motion to commit to Fairtrade principles. Proposed by Green Councillor Simon Bull, the Council is now committed to:

  • offering Fairtrade goods
  • promoting Fairtrade issues and practices in the community
  • implementing Fairtrade through procurement processes and those of suppliers wherever possible. 
  • actively supporting the BCP Fairtrade Steering Group

This measure restores the commitment across the conurbation that had previously been made by the former separate councils for Bournemouth, Christchurch (both in 2014) and Poole (in 2016) - which had lapsed on the merger into the new BCP "supercouncil" in May 2019. Simon's motion was seconded by Councillor Jackie Edwards (Conservative at the time of the meeting, now independent). 

Councillor Chris Rigby, reading the proposition speech at the 12th July 2022 meeting on behalf of Simon (unwell on the night with Covid), told councillors: "When we're adopting Fairtrade standards, it's ensuring fair returns of trade between farmers and buyers, protecting workers rights - providing the framework for producers to build thriving farms and organisations. And for shoppers it means high quality and ethically produced products.

"The goal of the Fairtrade movement is to ensure that all produce from farming is paid for fairly. The price of farm goods as deemed by the Fairtrade movement is what allows the farmers and producers to enjoy a decent quality of life.

"The principles are:

  • It's trade, not aid.
  • People should be empowered to improve their circumstances through trade rather than being reliant on charity from richer countries.
  • All producers are entitled to safe and dignified working conditions free from discrimination of any kind.
  • To be considered Fairtrade transactions must benefit all parties.
  • Trading arrangements should be based on financial partnerships, trust and mutual growth."

Full text of the passed motion

BCP Council supports the principles of Fair Trade and, as an important consumer, the promotion and purchase of Fair Trade goods as part of our commitment to sustainable development.

The Council resolves:

1.      To offer Fair Trade goods - for example products carrying the Fairtrade Mark wherever possible and available, when catering for Council meetings and functions.

2.      To implement Fair Trade through our procurement processes and those of our suppliers wherever possible.

3.      To appoint a named Council representative to support the work of the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Fairtrade Steering Group and to make other staff and resources available as and when appropriate and available.

4.      To promote Fair Trade issues and practices among local business, commercial and other organisations.

5.      To support the Group’s communication plan.

6.      To share best practice with regard to Fair Trade and sustainable development with other public bodies, stakeholders and partners.

7.      To work with the Steering Group to ensure that BCP meets and exceeds the requirements necessary to maintain its status as a Fairtrade Zone.

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