'Some things are bigger than politics': Greens join other Unity Alliance figures at well-attended oil spill protest

27 March 2023

Green Councillor Chris Rigby writes: "When I say some things are bigger than politics, an oil spill in Poole Harbour is one of them.

"Today councillors from the Green Party, Liberal Democrats, Labour and Poole People were all present at the demonstration on Poole Quay expressing our dissatisfaction with Perenco and Wytch Farm - along with loads of local residents.

Unity Alliance councillors at Poole Quay protest

Left to right: Cllr Vikki Slade (Lib Dem), Cllr Andy Hadley (Poole People), Cllr George Farquhar (Labour), Cllr Chris Rigby (Green Party)

"Our local environment is an issue we can all champion and when it's threatened we find more that unites us to ensure we hold the oil company to account.

"Alasdair Keddie gave a wicked speech, with a lot of facts on Perenco's previous performance too."

Poole Quay protest

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