Winton residents unhappy with pavement weeds

15 November 2022

Simon Bull next to pavement weeds in Waterloo Road, Winton Chris Rigby next to pavement weeds in Waterloo Road, Winton

Simon Bull, Green Councillor for Winton East, says: "I am aware that there has been an issue with weeds - weeds in the pavements, weeds on the side of the roads, in Winton East and across the area more in general.

"And there's a fine balance between treating the weeds with chemicals like glysophate, which is carcinogenic, and also with making the streets look presentable and pleasant, for residents and visitors alike.

"We have been doing what we can to contact the Council. It has been a bit of an issue. One of the ongoing issues, partly to do with the merger, is the reactiveness of Council departments in dealing with enquiries and queries, and getting work done. So that's an ongoing issue that is being resolved. But it takes time. We are pushing the administration to take action on this."

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