Winton East

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council's first two Green Party Councillors were Simon Bull, first elected in May 2015, and first re-elected in May 2019 alongside Chris Rigby. Simon and Chris were both re-elected for Winton East in May 2023.

Simon Bull  

 Chris Rigby

Councillor Simon Bull

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Councillor Chris Rigby

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Regular surgeries are held in their ward of Winton East on the last Thursday of the month (except Aug and Dec) 5 - 6pm at Winton Library. These are opportunities for Winton residents to talk to Simon and Chris about any concerns they have, and for them to explain how they can be of help. 

If you are reporting issues such as potholes, missed bin collection, or fly tipping please use the Report It function on the BCP Council website by clicking on the appropriate link provided.

Winton East Green View

Simon Bull and Chris Rigby's community newsletter is delivered to every home in Winton East by their team of volunteers. View issues as PDF documents here.

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Simon and Chris's local activity log

For latest updates in the second half of 2023 and 2024, see Simon and Chris's PDF community newsletters above. This website will be relaunched in late 2024 on WordPress, and will feature a dynamic Winton East microsite.

For Simon and Chris's 'bigger picture' actions related to the Climate & Ecological Emergency, see our separate page.

Cllr Simon Bull reports more street problems while out and about in Winton East: Simon Bull says, "While out on Saturday and earlier today I came across a number of issues in Winton East including a waste management issue, more potholes and a potential hazard for pedestrians - all now reported. [Read more...] March 2023

Green Councillors talk to Change Makers and sixth-form Politics students at Magna Academy:Chris Rigby says, "It was an absolute pleasure to attend Magna Academy with Simon Bull earlier today to speak with their Change Makers group and also to their 6th Form politics class." [Read more...] March 2023

Green Councillors welcome resignation of Conservative BCP Council Leader: The Bournemouth Daily Echo has published the response of Chris Rigby and Simon Bull, to the resignation of Conservative council leader Drew Mellor. "We welcome the resignation of Cllr Mellor as leader of BCP Council, the writing has been on the wall but he wasn’t reading it." [Read more...] Feb 2023

Fly-tipping in Winton: Simon Bull sorts case, Chris Rigby speaks out in Echo: Simon Bull recently sorted a case of fly-tipping in Fitzharris Avenue. Meanwhile Chris Rigby was quoted in the Bournemouth Daily Echo regarding a rat-infested fly-tipping hotspot just outside Winton East. [Read more...] Feb 2023

Latest improvements at Winton Rec: Simon Bull and Chris Rigby visited Winton Recreation Ground recently to check out latest improvements. These include a smart new picnic bench, and two new gabion flower beds raised with attractive long-lasting natural materials. [Read more...] Feb 2023

Spate of potholes in Winton East - Green Councillors sort repairs: Simon Bull and Chris Rigby, hard-working Green Councillors for Winton East, sorted out repairs to potholes recently on Benmore Road, Hankinson Road and Castle Road. [Read more...] Jan 2023

Simon Bull attends opening of new Lewis-Manning Hospice Care charity shop in Winton: The opening of the newest Lewis-Manning Hospice Careshop took place at 396 Wimborne Road (on the corner of Withermoor Road), attended by Winton East Green Councillor Simon Bull alongside the Mayor of Bournemouth. [Read more...] Dec 2022

Simon and Chris attend 'lovely' Winton Christmas lights switch-on: Chris Rigby and Simon Bull, Green Councillors for Winton East, attended the switch-on of the Christmas lights on Wimborne Road in Winton on the evening of 25th November 2022. [Read more...] Nov 2022

Cost of living crisis: Help is available for local residents, highlights Simon Bull: Simon says, "Here is a link to the BCP Cost of Living webpage. As the cost of living increases it is important to be aware of the benefits, payments and support options available to you. There are local and national schemes that can help you with rent, food, energy and more." [Read more...] Nov 2022

Winton residents unhappy with pavement weeds: Simon Bull, Green Councillor for Winton East, says: "I am aware that there has been an issue with weeds - weeds in the pavements, weeds on the side of the roads, in Winton East and across the area more in general. We have been doing what we can to contact the Council. It has been a bit of an issue." [Read more...Nov 2022

Anti-social behaviour in Winton: Simon Bull sorts obscene graffiti, unruly yard - amid rising concerns: Simon Bull and Chris Rigby have been seeing, hearing and taking action on more anti-social behaviour concerns in Winton. Simon Bull acted to get obscene graffiti removed from Leslie Road, and to get successful enforcement action on a rubbish-strewn Cardigan Road front yard. Councillor Bull says: "There are incidents of antisocial behaviour across the area, and Councillor Rigby and I do our best to tackle them when they arise." [Read more...Nov 2022

Green Councillors visit Bournemouth Jamei Mosque in Winton for open weekend and Islamic Cultural Exhibition: Simon Bull says: "Councillor Rigby and I visited the Bournemouth Jamei Mosque in Winton this morning for their Open Weekend and Islamic Cultural Exhibition. We had some good conversations and learnt a little about Islam." [Read more...] Oct 2022

Simon Bull in Bournemouth Echo - "We should not fail these vulnerable children": Simon Bull has had a letter to the Editor published in the Bournemouth Daily Echo. He was responding to the Echo's report that 65% of plans issued by BCP Council to assist children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities who need more support failed to hit the specified deadline. [Read more...] Oct 2022

Time capsule buried at Winton Library Gardens: Simon Bull says: “Cllr Rigby and I attended an event to witness the burying of a time capsule at Winton Library Gardens. In the capsule are some photos, newspaper articles and essays from competition-winning local children about how they spent the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.” [Read more...] Oct 2022

Simon Bull gets council Fairtrade commitment restored across BCP:
BCP Council has unanimously passed a motion to commit to Fairtrade principles. Proposed by Green Councillor Simon Bull, the Council is now committed to: offering Fairtrade goods, promoting Fairtrade issues and practices in the community, implementing Fairtrade through procurement processes and those of suppliers wherever possible. and actively supporting the BCP Fairtrade Steering Group. [Read more...] July 2022

Chris Rigby in Echo - Limit-busting air pollution levels in BCP are 'concerning': Councillor Chris Rigby has been reported in the Bournemouth Daily Echo responding to reports that nitrogen dioxide levels at several monitoring points in Bournemouth exceed World Health Organisation limits: "The levels of air pollution across the three towns is concerning, and it's an issue I've been aware of for some time." [Read more...] May 2022

Chris Rigby - How BCP's Conservative administration avoids scrutiny: Councillor Chris Rigby says: "Yesterday evening I attended my first Place Overview and Scrutiny (O&S) committee, this alongside the new Corporate and Community O&S have replaced the O&S board I've sat on since I was elected in 2019. Both of these new committees are now chaired by Conservatives, both of these committees will meet 5 times a year, both of these committees will have two items on their agendas. That's 20 items per year. The previous board was chaired by an independent member, met 20 times a year, most often with 3 items on each agenda... so up to 60 items could be looked at per year." [Read more...] May 2022

Greens call for referendum on a 'more stable, cooperative' way of running BCP Council: The Bournemouth Independent & Green (BIG) Group on BCP Council has called for the Council to scrap its 'Leader and Cabinet' system, in favour of a "more stable and cooperative" committee system, that would involve all councillors in decision-making. 59% of Bristol voters backed moving to a committee system in a city-wide referendum this month. Sheffield voted last year to scrap its 'Leader and Cabinet' system in favour of a committee system. [Read more...] May 2022

Green Councillor Chris Rigby spoke at Council backing mounting criticisms of BCP Council services and staff who are no longer contactable by telephone. He said later: “I’m a big advocate for working from home, I work from home. But you’ve got to be working from home. If certain Council staff are saying ‘I’m working from home so email me’, there might be an issue.”  [Read more...] May 2022

Simon Bull reports back from afternoon at Winton Rec: Simon Bull, Green Party Councillor for Winton East, spent Wednesday afternoon at Winton Recreation Ground. First he helped out with the ongoing programme of wildflower seeding. Then he visited the Community Shed, to see the tool safe purchased with Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding that Simon and fellow local Green Councillor Chris Rigby were very happy to support. Then Simon checked out how the new pond is coming along. [Read more...April 2022 

Traffic problems at St Luke's School, Winton - Chris Rigby on case: Traffic is grinding to a halt during school-run times in the vicinity of St Luke’s Primary School on Bemister Road in Winton, causing safety worries. Chris Rigby, Green Councillor for Winton East, says: “I’m working with the Headteacher on possible remedies." [Read more...] April 2022

BCP Council running up £1,315 extra debt for every household; ruling Conservatives pass it off as magic money tree: Conservative-run BCP Council is racking up an extra £220 million of local taxpayer debt over just two years. This equals £1,315 more to be borrowed for every single household in BCP. Disingenuous local Conservative propaganda to the public avoids acknowledging that new spending between 2021 and the next local election in 2023 is with borrowed money. Instead they try to pass off new pots of money as some kind of consequence-free dividend or windfall. [Read more...April 2022

Work underway to finish reopening of Winton Library Gardens, after councillors' campaign: Work is underway to reopen the rear area of Winton Library Gardens - reimagined as a community garden. The front section was reopened by the Council two years ago, after much campaigning by hard-working local Green Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby. They promised to continue working until reopening was completed. Restoration has been taken on by BH9 Business Community and their volunteers, led superbly by John, reimagining the space as “an oasis for the whole community to enjoy”. [Read more...] March 2022 

Chris Rigby gets Wessex Water grilled over raw sewage discharges: Wessex Water managers were grilled for nearly two hours by a panel of BCP councillors, over the company's record of raw sewage overflow discharges into the sea at sites spanning most of the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch coastline. The hearing at BCP Council's Overview & Scrutiny Committee had been secured by Green Councillor Chris Rigby. [Read more...] Feb 2022

Simon Bull presses universities over student/community relations in Winton: Winton East Green Party councillor Simon Bull has recently met with representatives of Bournemouth University (BU), Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), Dorset Police, and BCP Council, to address issues regarding students and permanent residents living as neighbours in the community. Simon encourages community-minded students to sign up as paid Community Wardens. [Read more...] Dec 2021

Felling of diseased trees in Winton: Simon Bull pushes for proper replacements. A fabulous cherry tree on Fitzharris Avenue in Winton is destined to be removed, due to evidence of fungal decay, which means it's likely to be unsafe. Simon Bull says: "I've liaised extensively with the council officers for trees. They reassure me that they will be planting a new specimen in this space, and also looking at other spaces in the avenue where trees have previously been removed." [Read more...] Dec 2021

'Lovely' Christmas Tree lights switch-on event in Winton: The BH9 Business Community once again ran a switch-on event for the Winton Christmas lights. Winton East Green Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby attended. [Read more...] Nov 2021

New equipment store coming to Winton Community Shed - Green Councillors channel community infrastructure funds. Simon Bull said: "I'm very pleased that we have been able to support the Winton Community Shed through Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding announced today. They will be able to safely and securely store their equipment." [Read more...] Nov 2021

Simon Bull on the case of open drug crime in Winton. Simon Bull's recent activities have included face-to-face resident liaison, seeking to get a handle on increasing neighbourhood drugs issues, also observed in other Bournemouth neighbourhoods including Charminster. [Read more...] Sept 2021

Simon Bull attended the opening of Arts University Bournemouth's new on-campus student halls. [Read more...] Sept 2021

'Very moved': Simon Bull comments on peaceful protest in Bournemouth Square following death of Mehmet Altun. Simon commented: "I attended this protest and was very moved by the number who were there and the words said. My heart goes out to Mehmet's family. There needs to be a major review of policy. The 'war on drugs' is not working. This boy was only 13." [Read more...] Aug 2021

Simon Bull criticises BCP Council over seafront parking chaos. Bournemouth Green Party Councillor Simon Bull has expressed concern about the appropriateness of BCP Council's preparations for the recent parking chaos on the seafront, which has attracted regional and national media attention. [Read more...] July 2021

Simon Bull joins Green Group litter-pick at Winton Rec. "Wonderful sunshine during our litterpick yesterday morning at Winton Rec. With Pete, Martine and local Green Councillor Simon Bull." [Read more...] July 2021

Simon Bull shows support for the Winton Community Shed. Simon says: "I popped over to Winton Recreation Ground this afternoon to meet with Tess and the people at The Winton Community Shed. They were busy making bug hotels for the play gardens, and work surfaces for the shed while I was there." [Read more...] July 2021

Winton East councillors join Acland Road community litter-pick. Simon Bull and Chris Rigby were out for a slightly soggy litter pick with residents from the Acland Road Community Support group; they went on tackle to Brownen Road, Frampton Road and a bit of Markham Road too! [Read more...] July 2021

Cllr Simon Bull helps wildflower operation at Winton Rec. Simon says: "I joined Josh, staff from The Parks Foundation and residents to sow some wildflower seeds at Winton Recreation Ground this morning. Seeded and racked in two hours. Some changes coming to the Rec, which will hopefully make it even better." [Read more...] May 2021

Time to talk about mounting local anti-social behaviour, say Winton councillors. Green Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby have been responding to a growing number of contacts from Winton residents concerned by apparent increases in drug-related anti-social behaviour on local streets. [Read more...] April 2021

New play equipment now in place at Pine Road Park. Three items of new play equipment are now in place at Winton's highly popular Pine Road Park. [Read more...] March 2021

BCP Councillors vote to ban badger culling on BCP land. Badger culling is to be banned on BCP Council land, following a vote by councillors last night in favour of a motion seconded by Green Councillor Chris Rigby. The vote also secures access for local wildlife professionals for badger vaccination, and joint biosecurity working against Bovine TB transmission. [Read more...Dec 2020

Cllr Chris Rigby has successfully campaigned for BCP Council to offer half-term food parcels.  See our News Pages about the Campaign and the responseOct 2020

Chris Rigby: BCP Islamophobia and anti-Semitism rows illustrate need for councillor social media accountability. "Is it OK for an elected official to post something on their private social media profile, or private chat group, that other people might find offensive?" BCP Green Councillor Chris Rigby was interviewed on this topic by Alun Newman on BBC Radio Solent's Breakfast. 14th Oct 2020 [Read more...]

Cllr Chris Rigby at the National Health Pay15 rally: Chris was one of the speakers at the rally held in Bournemouth Square on Saturday 17th October, a grassroots campaign led by frontline NHS workers demanding pay justice for ALL NHS workers.  His speech can be found on our News Page.  Oct 2020

Working with local police.  Cllrs Simon Bull and Chris Rigby had the first of what will be fortnightly meetings with the Sergeant of the local neighbourhood policing team, working hard to try and tackle the issues they're facing in Winton from anti-social behaviour to street drug dealing.   Oct 2020

Cllr Chris Rigby responds at Standards Committee to Conservative Councillor's "Ban Mosques" comment, when it considered the report into the investigation of a formal complaint by a member of the public, regarding nationally reported comments by a BCP Conservative councillor for Moordown which included “I hate to ban anything really but I’d suggest we start with Mosques".  For a report, including a video of Chris's speech, see our News PageOct 2020

Cllr Simon Bull takes to the airwaves calling for Navitus Bay windfarm to be revisited.  For a report and a link to a recording of the broadcast, see our News PageOct 2020

Cllr Chris Rigby has been elected the new Co-Chair of BCP Green Party together with three-time Bournemouth East Parliamentary candidate Alasdair Keddie, in the annual ballot of local party members to elect new officers.  For the full report see our News PageSept 2020

Concern for the future of the Conurbation.  Cllrs Bull and Rigby express their concern for the future of the conurbation and raise their fears for a BCP Council under Conservative leadership in anticipation of the secret ballot due to be held on October 1st.  See our News PageSept 2020

New equipment is on the way to Pine Road Park in Winton, and to Winton Recreation Ground.  To read Cllr Simon BUll's report, see our News Page. Sept 2020

BCP Unity Alliance lose majority leadership of the BCP Council.    Cllrs Rigby and Bull have commented - see our News Page.  Sept 2020

Cllrs Simon Bull and Chris Rigby respond to recent student behaviour in Winton.  To read their comments, see our News Page.  Sept 2020

Cllrs Chris Rigby and Simon Bull comment on BCP Council's use of Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs) For full report see our News Page.  Sept 2020

Second no confidence motion in four months to jeopardise BCP Council’s progress on the Climate and Ecological crises. For our Councillors' reactions to this, see the full report on our News PageSept 2020

Cllr Chris Rigby speaks against targeting of rough sleepers as BCP Council row intensifies.  For report see our News PageAugust 2020

Winton Litter Pick.  On 26th August, Cllr Simon Bull led a clean-up in Winton.  After a morning picking up rubbish, weeding and cleaning pavements in Winton High Street, he and his volunteers, the Dorset Devils, moved on to a quick litter pick around Winton Rec. in the afternoon.  See our News PageAugust 2020

An end to oil drilling in Poole Bay? Cllrs Chris Rigby and Simon Bull comment - see our News Page.  August 2020

Changes to restrictions which will affect rough sleepers and homelessness in Poole have been highlighted by Cllr Chris Rigby.  Details on our News PageAugust 2020

At the virtual meeting of BCP Council in July, both Cllr Simon Bull and Cllr Chris Rigby asked questions which received comprehensive replies.  Simon's question was about diversity, and Chris asked for an update on the actions taken on the Climate and Environment Emergency Plan.  A report can be read on our News PageJuly 2020

Councillor Simon Bull has been apponted Chair of the Association of Green Councillors (AGC), the network of around 600 elected Green Party Councillors from every level of local government in England and Wales.  More on our News Page.  July 2020

Temporary pavement widening in Winton has been welcomed by Cllr Simon Bull.  For more details and Simon's comments, see our News Page.  July 2020

Cllr Chris Rigby comments on the litter left as thousands flock to the beaches in a second wave of hot weather.  The story was covered in local and national news media, and a fuller report is on our News PageJune 2020

Cllr Simon Bull comments on recent behaviour at BCP's beaches as very disappointing and sad.  For fuller report see our News PageJune 2020

Cllr Chris Rigby attended the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Bournemouth on 2nd June.  His comments about social distancing can be read on our News Page, and a report of the event can be read in the Bournemouth Echo.  June 2020

Cllr Chris Rigby calls for stricter travel rules.  He supports the leader of the BCP Council in her letter.  For full details see our News Page.  June 2020

BCP’s Green councillors call for vibrant new Bournemouth festival to replace the Air Show in a time of climate emergency.  Further details and comments from Ciir Simon Bull are on our News PageMay 2020

BCP support for local homeless during Coronavirus crisis has been congratulated by Councillor Chris Rigby.  More details can be seen, including a link to the Council report, on our News PageMay 2020

BCP Council Conserative members disclosed plans to sell the Town Hall and cut jobs as part of efforts to address the financial impact of the coronavirus have been opposed by Councillor Chris Rigby.  More details can be seen, including a link to the article in the Bournemouth Echo, can be seen on our News PageMay 2020

Virtual Planning Meeting.  Councillor Simon Bull chaired the first virtual meeting of the Planning Committee at the end of April.  Two new developments were approved to help tackle the housing crisis.  More details are on our News Page, including a link to a video of the meeting.  Apr 2020

Coronavirus in Dorset.  Chris Rigby, Green Party councillor for Winton East on Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council, says: "In this time of the Covid-19 virus make sure you're getting the best advice and use verified resources like the NHS website, the Government website and BCP Council's website for local information."  Chris and fellow Councillor Simon Bull have also released a video with further advice.  See our News Page in March, and also the News Page in April which includes the video.  Mar and Apr 2020

People's Assembly develops vision for Green Party to contribute to local Climate & Ecological Emergency action.  Members  and supporters of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Green Party came together in a People's Assembly to consider the question "Climate and Ecological Emergency: What can the Green Party contribute in our local communities?"  A report of the meeting and its findings can be seen on our News PageMar 2020

Report those potholes, advise Chris Rigby and Simon Bull, Green Party Councillors for Winton East, says: "It's well and truly pothole season. The council will fix them, they just need to know where they are."  See their comments on our News PageMar 2020

A fresh proposal to build a wind farm off the Dorset coast would be welcomed by Green Party Councillor Simon Bull, BCP Council’s planning committee chief.  The subject of building the source of renewable energy in the sea had gone quiet since the Navitus Bay project hit the buffers in 2015.  More details, including Bournemouth Echo coverage, on our News Page.  Feb 2020

Another successful Winton Community Clean-up.  Councillor Simon Bull has praised "a good morning's work" after participating in the latest Winton community clean up, organised by Winton Traders Association.  Photos on our News Page.  Feb 2020

The new BCP Council budget for 2020/21 has been comfortably voted through Full Council, with backing from the Unity Alliance and abstentions from the Conservatives. It contains £1.4m of new investment in BCP’s corporate priorities, including money for the Climate and Ecological Emergency.  More details on our News Page.  Feb 2020

The reopening of Winton Library Gardens took place in February. Winton East’s Green Party Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby have been campaigning for public access to the gardens, and those efforts are now being rewarded.  See our News Page, and further coverage of the tape-cutting ceremony here.  Feb and Mar 2020

Chris Rigby delivered a talk to Dorset Humanists on the topic of "Heading for Extinction and What to Do About It", which was his own interpretation of a talk prepared by Extinction Rebellion. He shared the latest climate science on where our planet is heading, discussed some of the current psychology around climate change, and offered solutions through the study of social movements.  A video of his talk can be seen on our News Page.  Jan 2020

Simon Bull, Green Party candidate for Bournemouth West in the General Election, attended the oconstituency hustings event on 9th December at event at West Cliff Baptist Church.  Full story, including a video of his speech, can be seen on our News Page.  Dec 2019

Chris Rigby, as candidate for the Christchurch constituency attended a hustings session at Twynham School on Tuesday 26th November, organised by Christchurch churches, the first of two General Election hustings events in the constituency.  Full story, including a video of his speech can be seen on our News page.  Nov 2019

Simon Bull, Green Party candidate for Bournemouth West, released a video to promote his Crowdfunder page for the General Election. He said: "“We are in a climate emergency, as declared by the local council, Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole, and the national government. And when you declare emergency, you need to take immediate steps. It's not something we can kick down the line and look at in a few years' time."  Full story on our News page.  Nov 2019

Winton Big Clean-Up: Winton Taders Association said a massive thank you to everyone who turned up to help with the Big Clean Up today, saying it was a fantastic job! They collected close to 20 bags of litter that is luckily no longer polluting the streets of Winton! Thank you once again to everyone who helped for showing great community spirit and coming along to help!  Oct 2019

Meeting with AUB Chief: Simon Bull and Chris Rigby met Nick Welsh OBE, Chief Operating Officer of Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), to discuss issues including Winton, student wardens, houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), and parking.  Sept 2019

Opposing Oil Drilling in Dorset: Chris Rigby and Simon Bull appeared on ITV regional news to condemn the waving through by Conservative politicians in Dorset of new oil exploration at Wytch Farm in Purbeck, already western Europe’s largest onshore oilfield. Chris Rigby also caught up with campaigners who had walked for up to three days to oppose the ongoing desire to extract oil on the Jurassic Coast. Chris said: “We need to stop the Government's current plan of maximum extraction of all oil and gas, and act on the climate emergency.”  Sept 2019

BCP Climate & Ecological Emergency motion: This Tuesday evening, 16th July, BCP Council has overwhelmingly passed the Climate & Ecological Emergency motion submitted by Green Party councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby in fulfilment of an election pledge.   The full story can be read on our News Page here.  July 2019

New Drinking Fountain: Simon has used his Local Improvement Fund to have a new drinking fountain installed at Winton Recreation Ground.  It has three water dispense areas, one for dogs, one for people and one to refill water bottles.  More details are on our News page, and an article in the Bournemouth Echo can be read here.  June 2019

Letter to Bournemouth EchoChris Rigby's letter in defence of Extinction Rebellion activists was published in the Bournemouth Echo.  The letter, photograph and online comments can be read here, and there is an article on our News Page here.  June 2019

Local declaration of climate and ecological emergency: Bournemouth’s Green Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby fulfilled their pledge to submit a motion to the first meeting of the new Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council proposing a local declaration of climate and ecological emergency.  For the full report see our News page here.  May 2019

Winton East Newsletter May 2019Volunteers are delivering the latest Newsletter to residents, which gives details of the results of the local election.  Simon and Chris thank residents for electing them and renew their pledge to serve them. It can be read here.  May 2019

Local Elections May 2nd 2019.  The first two councillors elected were Winton East Greens Simon Bull and Chris Rigby by a landslide 1,385 and 1,198 votes respectively; the third candidate came in with 468.  May 2019

Winton East Transition Newsletter: A final leaflet was delivered to residents before the election, and can be viewed here.  April 2019

Vote Green 2019 Bournemouth YouTube video:  Simon and his colleague Chris Rigby, who is also standing as a candidate for Winton East in this week's local elections, have released a video entitled "Vote Green 2019 Bournemouth" urging the Government and the Council to leave the oil in the seabed and to declare a Climate Emergency.  The video can be viewed here April 2019

Winton East Achievements Leaflet: Simon and his band of volunteers are on the streets again, delivering the  "achievements leaflet", featuring a map on Winton East full of pinheads showing all of Simon's councillor achievements around his ward.  April 2019

Winton East Newsletter: The beginning of April will see Simon and his helpers again delivering an April Newsletter, this time expressing his concerns about the possibility of an oil rush in Poole Bay, and the climate emergency.  March 2019

Winton East Newsletter: Simon's loyal helpers again turned out to help him deliver the March newsletter.  March 2019

YouthStrike4Climate: Simon's short speech to the large turnout of amazing young people stepping out of school on Friday to stand up for their right to a future can be viewed here.  March 2019 

Winton East Newsletter: A team of local members helped Simon deliver a February newsletter to all households in the ward. February 2019

Simon comments on various local issues: The News page of this website has details of Simon's comments on Bournemouth Beach Oil Drilling, the issue of the closure of Winton Library Gardens, as well as problems with parking enforcement in Winton.  February 2019

Visit of Deputy Leader Amelia Womack: Simon and members of the local Green Party met the Deputy Leader of the Green Party on Tuesday 8th January 2018 for a busy day delivering leaflets in Simon’s ward of Winton East, followed by a Save our Shores meeting in the evening. The leaflet, which conveys Simon’s New Year greeting to residents, can be viewed here.  Simon's full report of the day's activities, with photos, can be viewed on our News Page.  January 2019

November 2018 Report. Simon has been busy recently and reported at the November meeting of the local party details of some of his Council work. This has included representing residents’ views on licencing hours at the Buffalo Bar, which has now relocated to the main road running through Winton, and as well as concerns over parking issues and complaints regarding Social Services and Housing. He has successfully campaigned for a disabled parking bay outside Winton Library, which is now in place. His work for the Council has received five mentions in the Bournemouth Echo this month. Simon has been involved in poppy selling, the Remembrance Parade and the Safe Wise 20th Anniversary celebrations. As a Green Party member, Simon has hosted the South Western Regional Conference and presented a talk on being a lone Green in a one party majority council. He also represented the Association of Green Councillors on GPEW House of Lords selection panel. The October newsletter has been delivered to all households in Winton East ward.  A YouTube video of Simon in some of these locations can be viewed here.  November 2018

October 2018 Winton Newsletter - Simon's latest newsletter will be delivered to households in Winton East.  It can be read here.  October 2018

Smokers at the fag end of litter.  Simon has raised the issue of cigarette ends at a recent Council meeting, and a report of this, and Councillor David Smith's reply was reported in the Bournemouth Echo.  It can be read here.  Sept 2018

Where is the Outcry over Oil Rig Plan?  Simon's letter regarding the proposed oil rig in Poole Bay was published in the Bournemouth Echo and can be read here.  Sept 2018

Campaign to open amenities in Winton:  Simon is campaigning for the Council to re-open both the toilets in Winton Recreation Ground and the Winton Library Garden, as reported in Dorset Eye, which can be read here.  July 2018

July 2018 Winton Newsletter: Simon's latest newsletter will be delivered to households in Winton East, and can be read here. July 2018

April 2018 Winton Newsletter: Simon's latest newsletter will be delivered to households in Winton East, and can be read here. April 2018

Plastic: Simon's article about plastic recycling, entitled "Recycle, Reuse, Rethink", has been published in Dorset Eye and can be read here.  March 2018

Green Party Spring Conference: Simon's report on the Conference can be read on our News Page.  March 2018

Proposed Oil Rig in Poole Bay.  Simon has, among many others, added his signature to a letter written by SEDGP member Stuart Lane to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, requesting him to consider creating a protection zone that excludes offshore oil and gas exploration and production off the Dorset coast. This follows proposals being revealed to put an oil rig in Poole Bay.  For more details see the article on our News Page, also the item in the Bournemouth Echo. The online news service, Dorset Eye gives a report as well as the full transcript of the letter.  February 2018

Homeless in Bournemouth. Simon has been visiting the site in Bournemouth where homeless people have set up a base.  A report about this issue was printed in Dorset Eye and can be read here.  January 2018

Fly Tipping.  Connor Tracey from Buzz News spoke to Simon about the issues of fly tipping around Bournemouth.  The article can be viewed here.  January 2018

No Bag for Life.  Simon's article plastic bags was published in Dorset Eye, the excellent online news service, on 25th September, and can be read hereSeptember 2017

Wasting Away.  Simon has written an article about household waste which was published in Dorset Eye.  It can also be read on our News page.  August 2017

Winton Carnival.  South East Dorset Green Party ran a stall at Winton Carnival on June 24th, and despite the wind, members were able engage with local residents and have a lot of interesting conversations. Councillor Simon Bull was on hand to answer people’s queries on topics that concern them. June 2017

General Election 2017.  Simon stood in the General Election in June for the constituency of Bournemouth West.  A leaflet was delivered by Royal Mail to all constituents, and many local members worked hard in canvassing in the constituency, especially Winton East.  A second leaflet (see this link) was hand-delivered to over 5,000 residents.  The results of the election can be seen hereJune 2017

Second Winton Survey & Newsletter Delivery 11th February & 12th February: Simon and a team of local members have spent two mornings knocking on doors in his ward of Winton East.  They have been delivering leaflets and completing the Winton survey.  Residents really engaged with them, and many appreciated their local councilor asking them about the local concerns.  A good turn out of volunteers made this an enjoyable and worthwhile  task.  The newsletter can be read here February 2017 

Government attack on Solar Power.  The government is about to attack solar power yet again. Unbelievably, ministers are planning to hit schools and businesses that invest in solar power with huge tax hikes.  

Recent government funding cuts have already triggered thousands of job losses in the UK solar industry. But now, if changes to tax on solar panels are pushed through, experts are warning the solar industry will be left decimated.

Now that we're a year on since the Paris climate deal was agreed by world leaders, the UK government should be doubling down on investment in renewable ower -- not slamming the solar industry with huge, unmanageable tax hikes.

If you agree, please sign the petition to tell the government to urgently rethink the tax hike on solar power in the UK.

Add your name here:  January 2017

Local people urged to have their say on Bournemouth’s Selective Licensing proposals. A 16-week public consultation gets underway on Monday 19th January 2017to gather views on a proposed housing licensing scheme for Boscombe and the surrounding areas. The introduction of a Selective Licensing scheme is being explored as an option to help reduce anti-social behaviour and improve private rented housing standards in a designated area which includes Boscombe, East Cliff and Springbourne. Local residents, tenants, landlords, managing agents and other members of the community interested in the proposals are being encouraged to provide feedback on the scheme. Further information and a copy of the questionnaire is available online: (From Mon 9 Jan) or paper copies are available at all local libraries. January 2017

Closure of Public Toilets.  One of the major concerns that came out of the Winton Winter Survey was the possible closure of public toilets proposed by the Council.  In response to a press release relating to a question he raised at Council, a report was published in the Bournemouth Echo, which you can read here.  The issue was followed up a couple of days later on Radio Solent. December 2016

Winton Winter Survey.  Simon organised a Winton Winter Survey and members of the local South East Dorset Green Party delivered leaflets to 500 households during the last week. The members who took part found this a worthwhile exercise. Said one member “Yesterday felt really positive and I think this type of campaigning, where we ask people what concerns them, really works to engage, and gives us info”. December 2016

Natalie Bennett's visit.  When Natalie Bennett visited the area in October, Simon hosted her visit, which included a trip to the Swanage Protection Camp, where a protest is being staged against the proposed fracking site at California Quarry, taking part in a debate at Boournemouth University and meeting local members for a social gathering in the evening.  A full report and photos are on our News page.  During the visit, Simon took her to meet shopkeepers who had been affected by the flooding in Winton, and photos of this can be seen at the end of the report hereOctober 2016

Repeated Flooding in Winton: Councillor Simon Bull visited shops affected by recent flooding, and his open letter to Councillor John Beasley, leader of Bournemouth Council was published in the Bournemouth Echo.  Following this, an Echo reporter spoke to shop owners and referenced Simon's letter.  The report can be read here.  Cllr Beesley's response to Simon's letter was also published in the Echo - this and subsequent email correspondence can be read in the Dorset Eye article  here.  An interview with Simon broadcast on Radio Solent can be found on Simon's facebook page.  September 2016

Summer Reading challengeSummer Reading Challenge.  It was an absolute pleasure to be asked, once again, to present certificates to young people who completed the Summer Reading Challenge.   About fifty children aged from four up to twelve came to Winton Library to take part in the celebrations and receive their awards for reading six books over the summer.  Pictured are sisters Jasmine and Gabrielle receiving their Summer Reading Challenge Certificates. September 2016


Residents tell Cllr Bull at his first Street Surgery that Winton is a Good Place to Live.  Click the link to read his report. June 2016

Poison on our Pavements. Simon's report on the use of Glyphosate. April 2016

Bournemouth's Homeless.  Simon's report was published in the Bournemouth Echo. March 2016

Navitus Bay Wind Farm plans rejected.  Simon's views were reported in the Bournemouth Echo. September 2015

Vote for Democracy Simon's views on democracy in local elections, the ruling that two seats in Kinson South were put to the vote again due to an administration error, and  the planned merger of four councils into one single unitary authority.  Click on the link for the full Dorset Eye article. September 2015

Autumn 2015 and the Green Party Conference Simon's first official visits were to Bournemouth University, Linwood School and Winton Library.  One of Simon’s proudest moments was opening the Green Party’s Autumn Conference at the Bournemouth International Centre and introducing Natalie Bennett.  And he replaces his stolen bike.  Read all about it by clicking the link to the Dorset Eye article.  September 2015

Summer 2015 A busy summer saw Simon at Winton Carnival, BourneFree, hosting visits from Natalie Bennett, Leader of The Green Party and Dr. Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, as well as attending a weekend in Stowmarket at the Association of Green Councillors annual conference.  Click the link to the Dorset Eye article for the details. August 2015

My First Month Simon answers some questions that have been put to him: Did you expect to win a seat? So, what have you been doing since? You are the only Green in a very blue council. Is that difficult? You are also a Humanist Funeral Celebrant.  What does that mean? How Green are you? Do you recycle? Are you vegetarian?  Read his answers in the Dorset Eye article by clicking the link. June 2105

Green Party win first seat on Bournemouth Council as reported in the Bournemouth Echo. May 2015


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