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Full Council and Lonely Conservatives - Blog 17

Joe Salmon, 11 November 2023

A quick blog on full council this week, but mainly just philosophical naval gazing and moaning

Theory of Change - Blog 16

Joe Salmon, 28 October 2023

Very long ramble on philosophy of change, with initial setting out of my pro peace position on Palestine / Israel.

Quick post - Blog 15

Joe Salmon, 21 October 2023

Very quick summary of what I've been working on this week.

Healthcare & Corruption - Blog 14

Joe Salmon, 29 September 2023

A longish moan about the state of data collection and analysis within our local health care providers and BCP, then a shorter moan about corruption in general

Everything Everywhere All At Once - Blog 13

Joe Salmon, 15 September 2023

very short entry with some thinking on how much we have to do re-climate change

Blog 12: Airshow, ULEZ and other ramblings

Joe Salmon, 10 September 2023

My thoughts on the airshow and ULEZ

New to do - Blog 11

Joe Salmon, 26 August 2023

Quick thing with my new to do list and very brief update

pre-analytic vision - blog 10

Joe Salmon, 19 August 2023

A very rushed update on my current to do list and some thoughts on pre-analytic vision

Corruption and Incompetence - Blog 9

Joe Salmon, 12 August 2023

Some waffle about corruption, along with a quick update on my current actions.

Urgent Council Motion on Climate Change - Blog 8

Joe Salmon, 05 August 2023

Bit on an emergency climate change motion, with implications for our planning decisions, waffle update on my ongoing actions and a bit on the exciting planter saga!

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