Five BCP Green councillors elected in Bournemouth

7 May 2023

Here are some video, photographic and infographic highlights of the day that Kate Salmon, Joe Salmon and Alasdair Keddie became BCP Green councillors #3, #4 and #5, with two Green gains in MOORDOWN and one in QUEEN'S PARK & CHARMINSTER.

This was alongside Simon Bull and Chris Rigby being safely returned in WINTON EAST with even bigger vote shares and majority percentages than last time.

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This was Kate Salmon and Joe Salmon's moment of resounding victory, taking two Conservative seats.

Kate and Joe Salmon celebrate victory in Moordown

Kate Salmon says: "A HUGE thank you to everyone in Moordown for your faith in us. We are so ready to get started with the real work now - speaking up for you and doing everything we can to tackle the issues you've raised with us. We're proud to be part of such a brilliant local community."

Joe Salmon says: "Thanks to everyone who voted in the election. Kate and I are both incredibly happy to have the opportunity to represent our neighbourhood, and can't wait to get started."

BCP Council election result 2023: Moordown

Kate and Joe Salmon celebrate

Queen's Park & Charminster

This was the moment that Alasdair Keddie topped the poll in the Queen's Park & Charminster ward in the BCP Council election:

Commiserations to Nicole Nagel for falling just 62 votes short of joining him on BCP Council.

Councillor Alasdair Keddie with his new ward colleague, Labour Councillor Sharon Carr-Brown

Councillor Alasdair Keddie with his new ward colleague, Labour Councillor Sharon Carr-Brown. Previously Queen's Park & Charminster had two Conservative councillors.

Alasdair wrote: "I am overjoyed... I can't wait to get to work with Sharon Carr-Brown, in service to our local community."

BCP Council election result 2023: Queen's Park & Charminster 

Chris Rigby and Joe Salmon celebrate Alasdair's win

Councillor Alasdair Keddie with his close friend Councillor Chris Rigby

Councillor Alasdair Keddie is a long-time close friend and activist colleague of Councillor Chris Rigby.

There had been emotional scenes in the count hall after several hours of tension at the Queen's Park & Charminster ward count tables, as Chris embraced Alasdair when the provisional official news of Alasdair's closeish but clear victory first came through.

They can't wait to work together on BCP Council!

Winton East

This was the moment Simon Bull and Chris Rigby were safely returned, with even bigger vote shares and majorities than in 2019:

Simon Bull commented: "Thank you so much to the residents of Winton East. Chris Rigby and I are so humbled by your support and we will continue to do our best for the ward and the wider BCP area. We are joined by three new Green councillors - they will work hard for their wards and BCP."

Chris Rigby and Simon Bull celebrate their victory

Chris Rigby writes: "I love this photo! 4 years ago I was a nervous wreck on stage and afterwards my hand shaking so bad I could barely sign all the paperwork to officially make me a councillor.

"This time I was also nervous, but focused, and filled with purpose. With three new Green colleagues joining Simon and I, and with their wards bordering Winton East there is no limit on what we can achieve together. Somebody yesterday described it as the green heart of Bournemouth and I like that a lot."

"THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible, by going out and voting Green. Both Simon and I have increased majority %'s and I am so humbled and grateful for the trust you put in me to represent you and Winton East. I do not take this for granted and I'll once again give it my all."

BCP Council election 2023: Winton East

Simon Bull and Chris Rigby after their re-election

East Cliff & Springbourne

In our fourth key ward of East Cliff & Springbourne, Sara Armstrong fell short by just 12 votes, taking 830 (28.9%) as Conservative councillor Anne Filer just clung on with 842 (29.3%). Labour unseated the other two Conservatives.

Commiserations to East Cliff and Springbourne Greens for coming so very close to a breakthrough with their hugely energetic 'late surge' ward campaign. Thank you to everyone who supported Sara, Paul and Louise in any way.

Sara Armstrong commented: "We want to thank everyone who has supported us through engagement, voting and volunteering. We remain committed to our community…… this is only the beginning."

BCP Council election result 2023: East Cliff & Springbourne


The Liberal Democrats won 28 of BCP Council's 76 seats, while the Conservatives were reduced from 36 to just 12.

This means that the Lib Dems as the largest party will not be able to govern without some support from (probably) at least two other political groups.

Simon Bull talks to Vikki Slade

Councillor Simon Bull chats to the presumptive new Leader of BCP Council, Councillor Vikki Slade

Green Party candidates at the end of the election count

Green Party candidates at the very end of the all-day election count

From left to right: Paul Gray [East Cliff and Springbourne], Nick Tidiman [Boscombe West], Councillor Kate Salmon [Moordown], Louise Kenchington and Sara Armstrong [East Cliff & Springbourne], Nicole Nagel [Queen's Park & Charminster], Councillor Chris Rigby and Councillor Simon Bull [Winton East], Councillor Alasdair Keddie [Queen's Park & Charminster].

Photos [except the second and last ones]: Richard Crease Photography w | f | t | i 
Second photo of Kate and Joe Salmon:
 Steven Thomas 


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