Simon Bull: "The climate emergency needs to be the focus of this election"

13 November 2019

Simon Bull, Green Party candidate for Bournemouth West, releases a video to promote his Crowdfunder page for the General Election. He said: "“We are in a climate emergency, as declared by the local council, Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole, and the national government. And when you declare emergency, you need to take immediate steps. It's not something we can kick down the line and look at in a few years' time."

New names for local Green Parties

30 October 2019

Boundary alterations have been made to local Green Parties to reflect Government boundary changes

Natalie Carswell: Why I marched for a people’s confirmatory vote

21 October 2019

It was by accident that the People’s March landed on the same day as this important vote in Parliament, which made what we were doing even more important. I know people are fed up, I understand that we are all exhausted by this painful and divisive issue... But if we throw our hands in the air and don’t care what happens next because it’s easier to just "get it done", democracy dies and our children inherit a future that they will be paying for, for years to come... AGAIN... just like the climate emergency....

Simon Bull addresses well attended #StopBrexit event

13 October 2019

Up to 150 people attended the Bournemouth event of Lord Adonis's #StopBrexit tour on Friday night. Simon Bull (Green candidate for MP in Bournemouth West) spoke on a panel which also included local Labour and Lib Dem candidates and Dorset for Europe campaigners.

Alasdair Keddie: We must overturn the Government policy of Maximum Economic Recovery of Petroleum

08 October 2019

Alasdair Keddie, Green Party General Election candidate for Bournemouth East, has delivered a speech outside the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in London during the latest Extinction Rebellion protests, demanding an immediate end to the UK Government's policy of Maximum Economic Recovery of Petroleum.

Simon Bull condemns "very disturbing" tweets by Brexit Party candidate for Bournemouth West

07 October 2019

The Brexit Party's General Election candidate for Bournemouth West has deleted a tweet which read: "Collaborators will be purged." A second deleted tweet appeared to compare a female Remainer MP to a wartime enemy collaborator and to encourage her assassination.

Green Party announces full slate of General Election candidates in South East Dorset

03 October 2019

South East Dorset Green Party has selected candidates for all five Parliamentary constituencies in the area, to fight the next General Election whenever it is called.

Reorganisation of local Green Parties in Dorset nears completion

01 October 2019

The reorganisation of local Green Parties in Dorset to match the county's new unitary local authority boundaries is expected to come into effect at the end of this month.

Wessex Fields road scheme drastically scaled back by BCP Council

01 October 2019

The plans approved by the previous Conservative-controlled Bournemouth Council for a multi-million pound roadbuilding scheme at Wessex Fields have been drastically scaled back by the new Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council.

BCP Council to switch to 100% renewable electricity

28 September 2019

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council has announced that all council buildings across the conurbation will be powered by 100% renewable electricity with effect from 1 October. A council statement said: "In response to the Climate Emergency declared in the summer, BCP Council has taken steps to ensure its own electricity use comes from 100% renewable sources as soon as possible."

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