'Derisory 1% NHS pay rise: Handclaps don't pay the mortgage or feed kids, says mental health worker

07 March 2021

John Tutton, a mental health worker, says: "I would love to say I'm surprised regarding the government's derisory offer of a 1% pay rise to hardworking NHS staff, but sadly I'm not. I'm exasperated, seeing colleagues and friends reach burnout, with the need to pay off debts accrued from university, pressured to fill all the hours left empty by vacancies; vacancies created by a decade of austerity."

New play equipment now in place at Winton's Pine Road Park

02 March 2021

Three items of new play equipment are now in place at Winton's highly popular Pine Road Park. Local Green Councillors Simon Bull and Chris Rigby had signed off on the funding for the new multi-play unit, rondel and seesaw that BCP Council have recently installed.

"Asking For It" opinion survey: Local Green Party member's photography project informs BU victim-blaming study

11 February 2021

Photographer and local Green Party member Jayne Jackson seeks participants for the new phase of her award-winning photography project "Asking For It", exploring victim-blaming..

People's Assembly to discuss solutions to BCP's drug crime, addiction and anti-social behaviour

25 January 2021

In the 50th anniversary year of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, it is clearer than ever that the “war on drugs” has abjectly failed. Our conurbation needs to talk about local drug-related crime, addiction, and anti-social behaviour. And the local Green Party would like your help in continuing to raise the issues and develop visions to make things better, in locally tailored and well judged ways.

Scary new BCP lockdown message appears illiterate of attitude-change psychology, but will worsen anxiety disorder epidemic

17 January 2021

Local Greens have written an urgent letter to Conservative-run BCP Council's Covid resilience chief, sharing scientific evidence which suggests that BCP's new shock-tactic messaging to encourage people to stay at home during the current national lockdown (a) risks backfiring in its effects on virus-spreading public behaviour; and (b) at the same time is likely to exacerbate the epidemic of anxiety disorders associated with the pandemic.

Cllr Simon Bull accepts Christmas card from Greenpeace volunteers with Active Travel wish

23 December 2020

Simon Bull, Green Party councillor for Winton East, has accepted from Bournemouth & Poole Greenpeace volunteers a Christmas card which calls for BCP Council to make permanent all of the experimental Active Travel schemes. The card was handed over at a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in Winton.

Anti-Islamophobia resolution passed unanimously by BCP councillors

18 December 2020

BCP councillors voted unanimously on 8th December to pass an anti-Islamophobia resolution. The Council has now adopted a widely recognised definition of Islamophobia as rooted in racism, committed to regular race equality training, and reaffirmed its active commitment to eliminate discrimination. The cross-party motion was proposed by Conservative Leader of the Council, Drew Mellor, and seconded by Green Councillor Chris Rigby, with input also from Labour, Liberal Democrat and independent councillors.

Help crowdsource a community vision of active transport for BCP

16 December 2020

A call for public feedback on Transforming Travel in BCP closes this Friday, 18th Dec. BCP Council has been allocated £100m of Government funding from the Transforming Cities Fund for major upgrades to sustainable local transport options (cycling, walking, and buses) on key arterial routes. The funding is conditional on the Council tapping the local knowledge of individual residents, on what exactly they need where they are to make sustainable transport options truly viable, attractive and safe.

BCP councillors vote to ban badger culling on Council land

09 December 2020

Badger culling is to be banned on BCP Council land, following a vote by councillors last night in favour of a motion seconded by Green Councillor Chris Rigby. The vote also secures access for local wildlife professionals for badger vaccination, and joint biosecurity working against Bovine TB transmission.

"Extremely disappointed": Residents comment on reopening of Leven Avenue to two-way traffic

08 December 2020

Bournemouth residents have responded on Facebook and Twitter to a local Green Party shoutout about the impact of the reopening of Leven Avenue to two-way traffic. The new BCP Council administration has decided to remove certain traffic-calming "Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders" (ETROs), including this one, which had been cutting out local rat-running.

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