Time capsule buried at Winton Library Gardens

04 October 2022

Simon Bull says: “Cllr Rigby and I attended an event to witness the burying of a time capsule at Winton Library Gardens. In the capsule are some photos, newspaper articles and essays from competition-winning local children about how they spent the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.”

Chris Rigby helps get unanimous BCP Council support for tough climate stance with Barclays Bank

04 October 2022

BCP councillors have unanimously passed a motion, co-sponsored by Green Councillor Chris Rigby, to call on the Council's banking provider Barclays Bank to work to protect residents of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, by adopting climate policies that are recognised to be in keeping with the Paris Agreement.

Simon Bull gets council Fairtrade commitment restored across BCP

03 October 2022

BCP Council has unanimously passed a motion to commit to Fairtrade principles. Proposed by Green Councillor Simon Bull, the Council is now committed to: offering Fairtrade goods, promoting Fairtrade issues and practices in the community, implementing Fairtrade through procurement processes and those of suppliers wherever possible. and actively supporting the BCP Fairtrade Steering Group.

BCP's Green councillors call on local Conservatives to join them in disowning Government attack on nature

29 September 2022

Green Party Councillors have today written to all local Conservative councillors, calling on them to disown the Government's ‘attack on nature’. In an open letter, the Greens have described plans to downgrade environmental protections as a ‘three-pronged assault on nature’.

Ophir Road Abortion Clinic buffer zone proposal: Consultation open till 31st August

24 August 2022

A public consultation is open until 31st August on the proposed creation of a buffer zone to end harassment at Ophir Road Abortion Clinic in Bournemouth. Kate Salmon commented: "Anti-abortion protesters are absolutely entitled to their freedom of speech, to communicate their opinions. However their impact on vulnerable people matters, and protesters should direct their views constructively at lawmakers. It’s not appropriate to intimidate women attending an abortion clinic. They’re at a particularly vulnerable time, going through something which is never a straightforward and easy thing."

Moordown residents fed up with dog fouling

17 July 2022

Numerous Moordown residents answering Kate Salmon's local survey are raising dog mess as a frequent blight on local streets. Hard-working local campaigner Kate says: "BCP Council takes reports and states it sometimes responds. I'd like to hear experiences from anyone who's reported cases."

11 months to fix arson at Moordown Rec - Council won't say why

15 July 2022

Kate Salmon questioned the Council parks chief, after the heartbreaking arson at Moordown Rec was finally fixed. Conservative boss gave an evasive non-answer. - Kate is taking the matter further. Green Councillor Chris Rigby had recently heard at a panel hearing that there are playground insurance problems across the conurbation.

Local residents complain: Key BCP Council services no longer contactable by phone

01 July 2022

Older residents have been phoning Kate Salmon, Green Party speaker for Moordown, to report that they are no longer able to contact by telephone BCP Council services they depend on. The Council has moved to web-based contact systems. Yet our conurbation has over 86,200 residents aged over 65. An estimated 24,000+ of these don’t use the internet [basis: Age UK research]. Green Councillor Chris Rigby spoke at Council backing the mounting criticisms.

Charminster Road crossing campaign: Kate Salmon hands in petition with 101 signatures

16 June 2022

Kate Salmon, Moordown Green Party campaigner, has handed in to BCP Council her petition for a new crossing on Charminster Road, signed by 101 local residents.

Winton Library Gardens: Renewal project marked by Jubilee tree dedication ceremony

13 June 2022

A new silver birch tree has been dedicated in a ceremony at Winton Library Gardens, as part of local Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The new tree marks BH9 Business Community’s terrific ongoing project to reimagine and reopen the Gardens’ long-closed sunken section.

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