BCP Green Group offers "confidence and supply" to Council's new ruling Three Towns Alliance

23 May 2023

As the newly formed BCP Green Group, we have taken the decision to offer our confidence and support to the largest political group on BCP Council, the Liberal Democrats, in coalition with local independent groups to form the new administration.

Following very constructive conversations with the Liberal Democrats we decided the best position for the Green Group would be outside of the coalition, but working closely to ensure we can continue to push strong green policies to secure the sustainable future of BCP.

As part of our arrangement to support the formation of the Liberal Democrat-led cabinet we have created a formal agreement, which is attached below.

Cllr Chris Rigby, Leader of the Green Group on BCP Council, says: “We’re pleased to be able to offer our support to a Liberal Democrat and local independent administration. A key policy commitment made as part of our agreement is for a governance review to take place looking at how the council is run. As the Green Party we do politics differently: we know no one has the monopoly on good ideas and we want to work to develop policies for the benefit of residents across BCP, and that involves working with other parties. We want to see a transition from a leader and cabinet system to a committee led system, and a governance review is the first stage of seeing whether that is possible. Working with an administration who are literally putting their jobs on the line if this review determines a committee system will work, gives us confidence that they will work transparently and in the best interest of residents.”

Full text of agreement

This is an agreement for the 2023/2024 municipal year and will therefore come to an end at the AGM in May 2024 unless extended by agreement of both parties.

This agreement has been drawn up following detailed discussions between the two groups.

The Green and liberal Democrats Groups acknowledge that no party has an overall majority on BCP Council and this requires a new way of working together to be established between multiple parties. Both groups are committed to working in an open, inclusive and democratic way, ensuring the council has stability and clear leadership. The Green Group recognises that the Liberal Democrat Group, despite not having a majority has the largest number of seats on BCP Council and are therefore best positioned to deliver an effective leadership team.

In order to support this and reflecting the current political balance of the council the Green Group has offered confidence and support to the Liberal Democrat Group to set up an administration in coalition with Christchurch Independents, Poole People and Independent Groups. The Green Group will not form part of the controlling administration but will support the formation of the leadership team.

The Green Group will also support the decision making of the Liberal Democrat Administration where these views are in the best interests of the residents of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, align with Green Party policy and the Green Groups local strategic aims and objectives.

Both of the parties will work together in the best interests of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

In order to secure a sustainable future for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole we will:
  • Commit to a governance review into the running of BCP Council within 6 months
  • Commit to the restructuring of the overview and scrutiny function of the council to include a committee focused on environment and climate. With scope to include co-opted non-voting members who are not councillors, bringing the experience and expertise of local business, third sector and community organisations directly into council deliberations.
  • Commit to open and transparent ways of working where decision making is made in collaborative ways.

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