5 July 2024

Four Green MPs elected - with Green advances across Bournemouth and Poole

Everyone in the Green Party movement is today celebrating the largest advance in our 41-year history, as the number of Green MPs quadrupled to four:

Across Bournemouth and Poole, there were also solid advances in the Green Party's vote shares.

In Bournemouth East, Green candidate and BCP councillor Joe Salmon's 2,790 votes represented a 2% Green advance and came close to overtaking the Lib Dems:

The highest Green vote share and increase in BCP was recorded in Bournemouth West, where Darren Jones took 2,614 votes, 6.6% of the total (2.1% higher than in 2019).

Darren commented: "Congratulations to Jessica Toale on the double first of being Bournemouth West's first female Labour MP - a truly monumental day here. I genuinely hope you deliver all you have promised for country and the town I've always lived in."

In Poole, Sarah Ward's 2,218 votes were 5% of the total - 1.6% higher than in 2019.

Sarah commented: "Thank you to everybody who voted for me."

There was a larger increase still in the Green vote in Mid Dorset & North Poole, where Ben Pantling polled 2,355 votes, 4.8% of the total - 1.9% higher than in 2019.

Ben said: "Thanks for all who made the effort to vote yesterday, a very good increase from 2019, but not enough to get our deposit back. So close at 4.8%.

"Congratulations to Vikki Slade well done; great to get to know you over the campaign. I hope Westminster is enjoyable."

The BCP results were rounded out by a steady showing by Susan Graham in Christchurch - the only BCP seat held by the Conservatives.

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