Local dog fouling: BCP Council progress on better enforcement stalls due to budget pressures

20 March 2023

Hard-working local campaigner Kate Salmon says: "Over the last year and a half, I've had conversations with hundreds of Moordown residents about some of the issues that matter most to them in our local community.

 "And something that comes up time and again, is the worrying increase in the amount of dog fouling on our local streets."

Local campaigner Joe Salmon adds: "This is a serious issue. So we've contacted the Council on multiple occasions about this. One thing they were considering was the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order. This would really help the Council be able to properly enforce preventative measures. However, action on this seems to have stalled due to budget pressures."

Conservative-run BCP Council has been forced into £35.1m of budget cuts for 2023/24 - plus the maximum Council Tax rise.

Kate says: "I've also suggested to the Council that they consider a public information campaign to raise awareness of this issue. And they have said that they will take that forward for consideration at this time."