14 September 2023


Green Group's Motion to Tackle Knife Crime Unanimously Passed by BCP Council


In a unanimous decision, the BCP Council has passed a crucial motion proposed by Green Councillor Sara Armstong, aimed at addressing the pressing issue of knife crime in our communities. The motion was seconded by Moordown Councillor Joe Salmon, one of several new Green councillors who joined the council this May.


The motion reflects the Green Group's unwavering commitment to push for the council to do more to ensure the safety and well-being of families and communities within BCP. It acknowledged the profound importance of preventing the loss of lives due to knife crime and emphasises the potential of community groups to create safe environments and provide positive role models  for children and young people.

Councillor Armstrong said 


“We need to get to the root causes of knife crime and gang culture amongst our young people and work together to find solutions. 

More police on the street is one thing, we need youth services & effective support for young people -  all decimated under this government. In passing this motion our council is sending out a powerful message that we are here for young people, we are listening to our communities and we are taking action to fight the scourge of knife crime. Knives have no place here.”. 


She was the most recent addition to the council having won a landslide victory in the recent East Cliff and Springbourne byelection after the immediate resignation of Labours Martin Bedford who only served for 3 days before deciding he could no longer continue due to health and family reasons.


Councillor Keddie who sits on the local police and crime panel said 


“The motion was based on internationally recognised best practice in violence reduction.  By taking a public health approach to serious violence in our communities we can target the root causes and address them before they spread.

Earlier this year the government introduced the Serious Violence Duty, a funded cross agency programme based on the public health approach.  The Greens would like to take this further and seek funding for a Violence Reduction Unit to act as a strong preventative measure in BCP.”


The Green Group's motion underscores their dedication to making BCP a safer place for everyone and their unwavering commitment to the well-being of the community. By unanimously passing this motion, BCP Council has taken a significant step forward in addressing the issue of knife crime and serious violence, promoting a safer and more secure environment for its residents.

The debate on the motion within the council chamber can be watched here https://www.youtube.com/live/aF4960oAUtw?si=JuCeEIlx_m-mE2iN&t=10292

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

Alistair Keddie

Green Councillor for Queens Park Ward



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